The real reason dishes aren’t done (today)

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My husband’s biggest pet peeve with me is that the dishes never seem to get done.  It’s probably a common complaint with husbands towards wives.  Maybe it’s laundry, maybe it’s dishes, but there always seems to be some task on a mom’s to do list that never gets done just the right way.

It never matters that the house can be spotless.  The kids are still alive and thriving.  Yet if there are dishes stacked in the sink (or whatever other task undone) then the whole world is going to end.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve been up all night with as sick kid.  Dealing with a puking dog or a back to back to back school and after school schedule.  If it’s not done somehow you’ve been sitting around all day eating bon-bons and not “doing anything”.

Get your act together

Anyone with a computer can google or check Pinterest for cleaning help.  It’s not that hard to search out great cleaning products, checklists or systems to help get your act together.  It’s funny how the moment that a woman becomes an adult, not even a mom, but an adult, all of a sudden they are expected to instantly know house cleaning skills.  Like turning 18 marks a moment where they inherit these super maid powers?

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I don’t know about you, but I never got that memo.  I was taught how to clean, but not to sound snobby, when my parents could afford it, we hired a weekly cleaning lady to help with the housework.  For the bulk of my mom’s life she did these things herself, but by the time I was in high school we did light cleaning while the cleaning service did the deep cleaning.

To combat this lack of experience I went in search of a way to figure it out.  A while ago I followed the organizational guru The Fly Lady, who’s first step was having a shiny sink.  With no dishes in the sink when you wake up, your day already starts off on a good foot.  It’s great in practice and in theory… She’s got some great full housework systems, that if followed, will turn your housework into an easy task to get done.  It works, don’t get me wrong.  It’s an everyday type of activity that you have to keep up with it.  I found myself spending more time setting up my reminders and systems than actually doing the work that needed to get done.

No fault of The Fly Lady, but it just wasn’t the system for me.

Why it didn’t work for me?

When I finally get to bed at night, after three dozen visits from my kids into my room, there is no way I’m going to go back down to the first floor and do dishes.  So of course the case would be that first thing in the morning I should be cleaning.


My morning routine never includes the dishes.  I get up our 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son for school at 6:30 am.  We leave the house around 7:30.  No where in that hour of time do I (1) want to clean dishes or (2) can attempt to actually do them when I’m balancing two breakfasts, getting dressed, hair combings, the inevitable shoe hunt and forcing some microwave pancakes down their throats before we leave the house.

You can’t handle the truth

My husband doesn’t get it when there is actually a real reasons that the dishes don’t get done.  Today the real reason the dishes aren’t done is this:


It’s not that I don’t have the supplies to do it.  Actually I probably have more dish washing supplies than the average mom.  I think it’s a trick that I play on myself.  Maybe if I have every gadget, soap and scrubber in the world that maybe they will magically appear done in the sink.  Funny right?  Like those little birds from Cinderella will fly through the window while I’m out running errands and get them done while I’m out.

In truth, I’d rather clean a toilet than do dishes.  Crazy, right?  I mean disgusting toilet over dishes?  I clearly need cleaning counseling.  That reason really doesn’t go over well.  When I’m the stay at home mom and housework is part of my job description and my husband is working outside the home to bring home the bacon guess who gets in trouble when it’s not done?

So I guess I should put this on my personal development to do list.  It’s more like a bucket list sometimes.  I guess the effort of trying to complete this task every day is just as good as actually doing it.

What’s one thing you hate doing but know you should?

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  1. Yep, my hubby hates when the dishes aren’t done, too! I’m not too bad at getting them in the dishwasher, but not everything can go in there. It just seems to be in the too hard basket, and no sooner have you done them than they pile up again 😐

  2. Not crazy at all…I would clean toilets all day if it meant not doing the dishes! Flylady is okay for some, but I’ve found that I like A Slob Comes Clean works best for me. Unfortunately it too includes doing the dishes daily. But it’s really helped my home. I actually need to stop procrastinating and go do my dishes….

    • Good. I’m not alone!!!

      Never heard of a slob comes clean. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

      I guess I’ll never get away from dishes but I guess I knew that already!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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