DIY laundry soap didn’t work for me

DIY laundry soap didn’t work for me
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As a HUGE fan of Pinterest I’m always looking to test out new recipes.  Do it yourself tutorials are also on my radar and last but not least do it yourself or replacement recipes for comment products you pay a lot of money to use.  Jumping on the mommy band-wagon, do it yourself Laundry Soap seems to be a very popular item for stay at home moms to try at least once in their housewife careers.

Sadly, DIY laundry soap didn’t work for me.

DIY laundry soap didn’t work for mePersonally I’m attached to Tide (and Bounce Fabric Softener) for my washing and drying products.  They are the products that my mom used as a child and the more and more I looked at other more affordable products, the more I moved to making those products the ones I’ll pass onto my kids.  I’m lucky.  Every few weeks Tide goes on sale at CVS in my town.  With coupons, it comes out to be a fairly affordable pair products for me to use.  Still there was a part of me that wanted to branch out and see what the rest of the world was raving about.
So about two years ago now, I bought all the ingredients and made myself some soap.

There are a ton of different recipes, but the one listed is the basic and most common “base” mixture.

It seems easy enough.  The only twist was grating the soap up into tiny pieces.  After finding the right cheese grater setting the work went by quickly.  Other than that you just measure out the ingredients into a container, shake it up and then use it like you’d use any other powered laundry detergent.

I want to think that my family is a typical American family.  Bootsie (age 5) and Boogie (age 3) and my husband who is a crane mechanic and works with grease and oil a lot aren’t any worse about stains than anyone else their age or occupation, but the soap didn’t seem to get out any of the big messes that are inevitably on their clothes.  Over and over again, I found myself having to wash things more than once with this recipe and really, if I’m washing things twice, the price savings really is going out the window, right?  That was the whole point of trying this in the first place.

I’m not sure why exactly the soap didn’t seem to work.  It got things clean smelling, but didn’t seem to be the miracle soap that I was looking for.  It may have been because I bought the generic brand of Oxyclean.  I guess even in a DIY recipe you have to use the name brand.  Other than that I followed the recipe correctly.

The saving grace of all this time and energy spent is that, I did find something to do with the soap that wasn’t working.  It happens to be great for washing my towels and bedding.  These items need soap.  They however usually do not usually stain fighting, so that’s how I used up the rest of what I had left of it and I was pretty happy with it.

Maybe one day when my family isn’t so messy I may try this recipe again.  For now I’ll comb the coupon section.  It really isn’t that hard to keep track of the sales at CVS.  I’ll use the name brands like Tide (and Bounce). My aim is to use whatever soap to keep our clothes clean.

Have you ever tried a recipe from Pinterest that worked or didn’t work for you?  I’d love to hear about it!

UPDATE:  I think that it was actually my washer and not the soap that didn’t work for me.  After switching back to a top loader washer I realized just how dirty my clothes were staying even using my beloved Tide.  I may have to try this recipe again and see if it works.  People on the internet claim they make enough soap for almost a year paying less than $30.00.  Even a die-hard fan like me loves to save money!

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