What to do when the band-aid fairy visits you

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Tinkerbell and the Tooth-fairy have nothing on Bootsie (5) and Boogie(3) when it comes to making band-aids disappear.  Yes I know that the first two are mythical characters, but my kids have their own magical powers when it comes making things disappear.

Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law of Band-Aids, but no matter how many boxes of band-aids I buy, they always seem to hang around JUST until I might actually need one.

What type of bandaid users are in your family?

Let’s explore the types of bandaid users in any given family:

  • The legit user the kid who runs to you bleeding profusely and only wants a circle bandaid after he or she is clean up. 
  • The sympathetic user the sibling of a legit user who always seems to have a bandaid need simply because the other kid does. 
  • The outrageously hypochondriac user when no blood is present they still scream bloody murder and only s bandaid will fix it. 

Each of these types have their own issues but all seem to need a bandaid to fix what ails them!

Oops!  My bad!

Truthfully I can’t blame my kids for their misuse of these pieces of medical equipment in the wrong way.  Our family is in no way one of hypochondriacs, but still I was the one who started it.  How might I have caused this strange band-aid wasting habit?

It started off innocent enough.  All things do, right?

It’s ironic because I always preach not to start something out of the ordinary because of course your kids will lock onto it and make it a part of their every day routine.

Bit me in the butt, but what can I do now?

Wondering why do bandaids disappear at our house?

I used to use them like stickers for when they thought they had a boo-boo.  

It was the only way some times that I could get them to stop crying.  A scrape that shows no blood is almost worse than one with blood to a toddler or kindergartner.  The amazing healing powers of a little piece of plastic is amazing when you’re that age.

On top of the healing powers there is also the sympathizer bandaids user. Not a child that actually has a boo-boo.  One that needs one because the other child needs one. Or a friend needs one. Or someone in a book needs one. Maybe even someone on tv even mentions one. 

First things first.

How can you tell if the band-aid fairy has visited you?

For some it will be the sticky sensation that they get when they find a Disney princess staring back at them or the bright colored Mickey Mouse band-aid stuck to the side of the coffee table.  Somehow kids think that a table might fall apart without that slim piece of sticky stuff there. (Not sure who put that one there, and I’m sure I should be rushing to get it off, but really every time I think of doing it, I find something more productive to do with my time.)

I would issue a warning about carpet and band-aids.  They are a deadly conversation.  I didn’t know that a band-aid won’t stick on a dirt-covered leg, but has been chemically sealed to any fibers of your carpet within seconds.

So…the question stands…what to do when the band-aid fairy visits you?

  • Don’t panic.  If you’re looking for a band-aid for something that is bleeding you can probably stop it with a kleenex or napkin.  Simple right, but remember there are parents all over the world without the luxury of having band-aids and their children aren’t bleeding to death from a fall off a bike or tripping while running.
  • Don’t get mad.  Kids are kids.  It’s amazing how Hubby always seems to forget that these little people haven’t learned the simple things that we learned 40 years ago.  In this situation, and you can’t fault them for wanting to stick something sticky around the house.
  • Look for a sticker.  If a band-aid can be a sticker, can’t a sticker be a band-aid?  I don’t know if I’d use this in every situation, but when a little one trips and has a scrape but no blood I think that its appropriate.
  • With a bloody nose I’ve heard sticking a tampon up the nostril works.  I’m not sure who first thought of this, but I’m sure it was an emergency.  I hope it was anyway!  Although when I think about it, there are little tampon shaped gauze things they use at the dentist so maybe someone thought of using an alternative.  Not something I could do and leave the house, but in a pinch, you do what you gotta do, right?

When I tried to poll the local mommies about this subject most offered very practical alternatives.  I thought I might get some funny answers, but all I got was very helpful solutions to a big problem.  Mommies are so practical, right?  Have we all lost our sense of humor when we have kids?

And then in the middle of thinking about needing band-aids…

This happened!

Don’t worry.  It looks horrible.  I’m sure it’ll leave a scar.  It didn’t need stitches, but it did need a little bandaging up.  I did have a band-aid, this time but next time I might not be so lucky.

Whether it be a real need or a sticker for a piece of artwork…what’s the most interesting way your little one has used a band-aid?

PS– I just bought a box of band-aids at Costco today.  I’m sure that will last me until tomorrow, that is if Bootsie and Boogie don’t find them before I get them in a good hiding place!

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  1. LOL I love this. It reminds me how much I miss cute bandaids. (And how I don’t miss finding them stuck to EVERYTHING!)

    Glad your little guy didn’t need stitches. Boys….what can you do, right?
    Dropping in from No Rules Weekend. Hope you have an amazing one.

    • Isn’t it amazing how they never actually stick to the human beings they are supposed to be stuck to? I think there is a Little Mermaid on the living room carpet still! My little one didn’t need stitches. Actually he hasn’t had anything too series happen yet. Yet is the key word. He turns 4 next month so we shall see! Thanks so much for visiting!

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