This Again? Housewife Myths You Need To Ignore

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What’s your opinion of the term housewife?  Most days I don’t think about it.  I hadn’t thought much about it until I started working on this post.  Somehow when I started to read about the types of things housewives are supposed to do, I feel like people should be offended.

Here are a few myths I’ll try to debunk:

Housewives are all about drama.

In the very popular show Desperate Housewives, we were shown a group of women living in an upper-class neighborhood. We saw them wearing designer outfits, gossiping almost constantly, having affairs, and basically just creating drama in every scene. – Why It’s Time To Retire The Term ‘Housewife’ – Huffington Post

How out of touch are people in Hollywood?  I know that there is some drama that happens because women at their core always seem to find conflict with one another.  We can’t avoid some conflict. I really don’t seem myself participating in anything like what is shown on the show.  Personally this housewife and stay at home mom doesn’t have the budget for designer outfits.  I don’t have the energy or time for an affair.  Truthfully the only drama I see is gettitng my kids to wear their jackets and remember to bring my grocery bags to the store.

Homemakers are uneducated and unambitious.

Though plenty of homemakers love what they do and wouldn’t choose anything else, a large section of them would pursue more if they felt they had the option. – 7 Myths About Housewives, Debunked

When you become part of a family, kids or not, certain decisions have to be made.  One common conflict that arises almost immediately after marriage is who’s career comes first or has to be compromised to make it work?  Often couples can find great opportunities in each of their given careers, but many times changes in one person’s career gets taken over another.

Due to the fact that men still on average are making more money than women in the same positions at work, women’s jobs get pushed to the side due to financial reasons.  This however does not mean that they aren’t as educated or ambitious in their career lives.  It means that many times they concede to doing less or different career paths to make their marriages and families work.

Daycare prices are one reason why at the moment it’s not financially smart for me to work.  It’s all in the math,

  • Full time job. = Time away from kids.
  • Time away from kids. = Daycare expenses.
  • Daycare expenses. = Need for a high paying job.
  • Good pay. = Long commute.
  • Long commute. = More money spent on gas.

It’s amazing how expensive it is to work!  Who knew, right?  In the extreme cases some people pay upwards of $1,800 a month on day care!

Insane, right?

The solution to this problem is this blog.  I can write at home between the kids schedules and hubby’s work hours and make a little bit of income.  I’m educated and ambitious when it comes to finding a job outside the home that works with our schedule.  Full time work is only going to be possible as soon as the little ones get into full day school. Finding a job in the school district seems to be the best answer.  Having the same vacation days will still eliminate the need for daycare.

What do you think about being called a housewife?  Do you care about the title or do you embrace it?

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