TV Obsession: Outlander be thy name

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In this day and age of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, TV obsessions seem to be common.  With all these services out there and cable tv as well, I felt that I had to pick one to focus on.  For the moment, my TV obsession happens to be Outlander.

With that being said, Outlander fans and fans-to-be, mark your calendars…the new season of the series starts in two weeks!

For the love of romance

Yes, it’s cliche for a stay-at-home mom to love romance novels.  Actually it’s funny though because most moms I know have skipped over the soap operas and opted for evening broadcasts instead.

I don’t know if I’m unique, but I don’t just like reading romance.  When I was in college I majored in English with a concentration in creative writing.  Most of my time seemed to be spent writing more serious fiction, but I got to sneak in a few romance pieces to my classmates.  College wasn’t the first time I shared so-called romance novels with the general public.  From the time I was in about sixth grade, it was my intent that I would teach elementary or middle school school and my side hustle would be writing romance novels.

Romance is in my blood, so it’s not odd to think that I’d immediately hover towards this series.

What is Outlander?

From the featured image of this post, I’m sure you can guess that it’s either Scottish or Irish related.  You are correct.  The Stars network describes it as:

Outlander:  Honeymooning in 1945 Scotland, a combat nurse is suddenly transported back to the 1700’s.

A historical romance within a historical romance with a little sci-fi thrown in?  Perfect, right?

Don’t get discouraged from the description.  The plot sounds super complicated, but really most of the story happens in the 1700s.  Once she crosses over and lands in the 1700s, it’s pretty easy to follow the story line.

Without giving away the plot of the series too much, let me just tell you, she’s caught in a love triangle that spans centuries and it makes for an interesting dramatic scenes that will keep you watching.

Give me the goods…

Normally, on Netflix and other services I let myself get through about 5 episodes of a highly popular show before I give an opinion.  That way when I do chime in with an “obsessed” or “overrated” opinion, I have a good span of episodes to refer to sot that I can back up my opinion.

I’ve done this with Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, How to Get Away With Murder and Orange is The New Black.  Only a few of them turned out to be duds in my eyes and it always was season 1 episode 5 that seemed to seal the deal.

With Outlander I was caught from about half way through the first episode.  It leaves you with some cliffhanger scenes that make you want to finish the first episode and continue on.

It’s not perfect though.  I have to be honest on that one.

The only drawback I see in this series is that there are a lot of adult scenes in this series.  By adult, I mean boarding on X-rated at times with the sex scenes.  Violence is also shown.  It’s not violence just to show violence though. I feel like it shows the true living conditions of the 1700s.  It portrays the time as a scary and almost out of control time that I’m sure most time travelers wouldn’t be able to handle.

With that being said, it’s not a series you can watch while the kids are playing in the same room.  It’s not that hard to get passed the mature content.  It really is an entertaining  show to watch after the kiddos have gone to bed.

Take a look for yourself and if you have stars or any other On Demand service where you can rent this…go for it!

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