3 Irresistible Benefits Of Owning A Kindle Fire

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Never in my life did I ever intended to be the parent that sticks electronics in front of my kids faces.  I had good intentions and stuck to them for a few years, but recently  I caved.  I know I could have held out for a little bit longer, but there were benefits of owning a Kindle Fire I just couldn’t resist.

So here goes, my list of 3 Irresistible Benefits Of Owning A Kindle Fire:


The fact is that sometimes kids need a little bit of a distraction, not only for their own benefit but also for my husband and I.  These are Wi-Fi capable machines so we immediately had to teach the kids about when they could have internet access and when they could only use items that were downloaded to their device.  For the most part it’s been an easy explanation, but your kids might not be so understanding.


It’s the biggest reason we went with the Kindle Fire.    At the time of me publishing this post, they were at about $50.00 each.  It was due to a promotion that Amazon is running right now, who can pass up a deal even in the hundred dollar range like that, right?

We already owned an Apple iPad, but it was purchased years ago and with one device and two kids, one of us parents was always sacrificing our iPhones to the kids when they wanted to watch something or play a game and the idea of buying 2 of any Apple product (as much as we love our Apple gear), is a little much for our budget.

So, the two Kindle Fires came in the mail, with the extra purchase of a blue case and a pink case to tell the two electronics apart and my kids got started.  Even with those extras it didn’t come near to the price of the Apple prices.

Educational Apps

Not only do these machines let my kids watch Netflix and Disney Jr., but they also have educational apps.  Who can pass up the availability of e-books that can be read to them.  Or even better? We are discovering now, my kids can use to learn to read.

The great thing about these is a restriction setting they’ve invented.  You can set up a tracker so that your child has to do so many hours of educational learning before they can watch entertainment based apps on the device.  I know some kids who spend hours on their devices.  My kids would too if we didn’t at least guide them a little as to what we want them to do with the technology in their hands.

I’m not expecting something that I bought for less than a hundred dollars to perform like it’s expensive.  However, for what I paid for it, it does what it claims to do.

Don’t throw caution to the wind…

The only caution I would give is that the charging cords break A LOT!  They are not kid friendly.  I don’t care if you purchase the Kid Kindle or not.  The chargers are for like MIT scientists not preschool and kindergartners.  I would suggest having a docking station somewhere in your home where the cords live.  Let the kids come to the chargers for more power.  I tend to make the kids charge their tablets during the day.  My back up is to steal them away in advance if we are taking them on a long trip.

The other thing I have noticed is that sometimes the SD card seems to not be readable by the Fire.  I can most times figure out how to get around that.  Not so easy for little kids with the patience of a gnat.  It’s been a hurdle we’ve all had to overcome.

Wrapped up in a neat little package…

So if you’re looking for:

  • a little bit of a distraction for your kids
  • a price that fits anyone’s budget
  • educational elements for any age level

Buy a Kindle Fire!


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