The Karate Kid Checkin Part 1

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iamzoewatson.comOur first martial arts lesson was a big success!

Bootsie started asking about yesterday’s lesson about 8am and it wasn’t until 3pm. For the most part she was a good girl all day long including a shower by herself, getting dressed without having to prompt her as well as volunteering to get her hair brushed!  I swear it’s like hell froze over because she never is this self-motivated unless there is something that she’s getting out of it.

We got to class a little bit before class time and I got her into her shirt and got her pants situated then one of the instructors did her belt.  I need to remember to learn how to tie this myself.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’ve never done it before.

Side note…

I’m completely confused.  she’s signed up for Tae Kwon Do, which I thought was a Korean Martial Art, but everything there is done in a Japanese manner.  They speak to the teacher who I think said to call them sensi but I’m not even sure. I feel stupid about this, but I may have to ask someone to explain it to me so I don’t look like a complete idiot in front of the other parents.

On the subject of Bootsie’s teacher.

He’s a ginger (“red headed”).  If you’re a red head and are ofended by this I totally apologize, but I kept thinking in my head the whole time about the “ginger sensi”…then it went to Kaiser Soze in my head.  Kaiser Soze is a fictional character in the movie The Usual Suspects.  Anyway, this is what my brain was thinking when I was watching class.  I guess it goes along with the song “Stacy’s Mom” when I see Bootsie’s friend’s mom before school in the morning (Stacy is the little boy’s name.).

Anyway, back on track because actually that was a big part of the class.  There were only three kids, which was a perfect starter amount, but even with that small of a number of students the teacher made it instantly clear what he wanted them to do, how to answer when he said something and praised them when they did something correctly.  I know from my own volunteering experience that praising a child gets them to work harder and this guy did a great job!

They did a little bit of cardio work, worked on some hitting and kicking and played a tag sort of game that worked on their ability to slide side to side.  It was all pretty serious and with that few kids she got some real instruction from it.

Belt with a stripeDo you know what the stripes on their belts signify?  If so, can you explain it to me?

At the end of class Bootsie got a black stripe on her white belt.  Not sure what this means.  I’m pretty sure she has to test out to get to the next level belt, but not sure what the stripes signify.  Again, another thing I didn’t learn from Mr. Miyagi and The Karate Kid movies.

So after bragging to Hubby on the phone on the way home she even got out of her uniform and got her things put away.

If Martial Arts are supposed to teach discipline, I’m seeing instant results.

Next class we can attend is Monday (she can attend up to 2 classes a week and the earlier times are M, T, Th, so we’ll see what happens then.  I’m sure I’ll have more things to talk about then.


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  1. When I did karate, each stripe indicated a portion of what needed to be learned before the next belt test. Black was form forms/kata and red was for applications (basically defense with the moves we had learned).

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