Karate Kid Check-In Part 2

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Karate Kid Check-In Part 2Early bird gets the worm…

I don’t know what it is about this gym, but I really like it there.  The lady who seems to be in charge was there alone when we arrived early for class and I talked to her about Martial Arts a little since we had time.

With that time I immediately asked some of my questions I’d been wondering about.  The stripes on Bootsie’s belt signify her attendance and then in five weeks from now she can test to get a different set of stripes (I think she said red and blue) and then when she gets all the ones she needs of those, she’ll get a different belt.

The Five Week Plan

The five week plan boasts for more successful students.  It used to be that a kid had to learn ALL of the white belt requirements and tested only once to go up to the next level.  With this system they build on what they’ve already learned and are tested in smaller sections which equals more successful students.  The great thing about this is that students can join at anytime within those 5 week sessions so what Bootsie learned last week will be shown to her again before the next test so essentially she’ll get some information twice!

What the belt???

One of the boys that we’ve seen her class tested this last week and now instead of a white belt, he’s got a white and yellow striped belt.  I’m still not sure what the significance is since it’s not a solid white belt and it’s not a solid yellow belt like I’ve seen on TV, but I know he’s tested up from his original level.

Love is all you need…

Bootsie really still loves this.  Despite her promising that she’d only ask once after school what time Karate was, she asked probably every half hour.  It wouldn’t have been that annoying, but I’m fighting off a cold and was trying to nap yesterday before her lesson so I was a little short tempered with her.

I’m still surprised at how well she’s doing in these classes.  I’d be a total klutz, but she’s doing well following instructions and is excited when she learns something new.  Yesterday they worked on some kicking, another hold maneuver and played a game at the end of class that was similar to musical chairs.  This is new territory for our family, since we’ve only done really organized sports before this, but looks to be an exciting new direction we are heading.

Keep an eye out for more on Friday about The Karate Kid since next class will be Thursday afternoon.  This session she’s signed up for lasts until May 10th so we’ll see then if she’ll sign up again for lessons or if we move onto something else.

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