Amazing How This Teacher Changed My Life…

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miss early 85-86Other than the ultimate teacher in my life, my mother, the one teacher that I remember making the biggest difference in my life is Miss Debbie Earl.

The year Miss Earl became my teacher was a special one for me and for probably for her.  It was my first year at West Point Elementary School and I guess there were so many kids that a week into school they took a few kids from each of the other third grade classes and gave them to Miss Earl.  At the time I think the entire school had maybe 500 kids so I’m sure that this was a big deal to have another class formed.

WPESautumn13x400From what I remember she’d been teaching Special Ed at the school and somehow they turned her into a regular teacher.  Looking back now, I think it was her Special Ed training that made her teaching style (even to this day) inventive, but I think her experiences made it seem like she “got” all of us.

Flat out, Miss Earl was the teacher that got me into writing.  It was a simple assignment that I remember sparking my interest.  For Halloween she’d worn a pair of skeleton earrings with one of the legs missing and our story was to tell how Mr. Bones lost his leg.  It’s not even a subject that interests me now, but the idea that I could write my own story for an assignment like that was AMAZING.  (Strangely though this was not the first time I’d written stories, but I think this was the first time the teacher seemed as excited about it as we were.)

I also remember getting an award in her class for being able to sit in my chair 365 different ways.  At the time I think I was having growth spurts and couldn’t sit still in my seat for too long.

My one huge regret is that I never got to tell her she was such a big influence in my life.  When I went back to visit my old elementary school when I was about a sophomore in High School, I didn’t leave her a “blast from the past” note.  When I visited again in my twenties I found out that she’d passed away from cancer.

The reason why now I think she comes to mind is that I want to become a teacher.  I’ve started the process by volunteering in Bootsie’s classroom and as the kids get further into school I’m planning on stepping up the level of commitment I have with the school.  This year I’m doing 2 days a week.  Next year I’m going to go back to the kindergarten class and volunteer at least one day a week while Boogie is in Preschool then when he’s in a 3 day a week class I plan on doing some volunteering in Bootsie’s class and some in the Kindergarten class and then when Boogie finally is in Kindergarten I’m going to volunteer as much as possible.  1st grade I’ll start subbing and getting my credential and then after that I’m going to teach my way through until they graduate high school.

I originally was going to head in this career pathway, but got sidetracked by life.  Now I’m back on the road to become a teacher like I’ve wanted to since about the time I met Miss Earl.

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