Three proven methods to declutter your kids bedroom

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Less is more.

After watching the show Tiny Houses: House Hunters I’ve realized one thing: We all are drowning in stuff.  I’m not quite ready to be on the show Hoarders, but I definitely have a lot of stuff that just sits idle while I play with my other stuff.

Immediately my brain shoots to the extreme solution.  I want to throw everything out and start fresh.  In this situation I am actually envious of people who have had their houses burn down.  I know.  Crazy, right, but really there is so much junk in my house right now that an empty house sometimes seems like the only logical solution.  It seems like the easiest way to do things, but clearly is not the most financially smart choice.

Instead, the first step in getting rid of all the things in our houses that are making messes is the clutter.  Somehow this process is easier to do this with someone else’s things, so I’d start with your kids rooms first when trying to get rid of things.

Here are three proven methods to declutter your kids’ bedroom.

1.  Do this project when your kids aren’t home!

This really doesn’t have to do with the process of trying to declutter your kids’ bedroom, but it’s great advice for any cleaning project that involves an area where your kids spend a lot of time.  With them roaming around, not only will they distract you by needing your attention, but they love to get things out of the donate or trash piles.

2.  Organize it.

The easiest way to declutter your kids’ bedroom is doing it in an organized manner.  A lot of the tv shows I’ve seen say to make three piles:


3 of each item is about enough when it comes to toys or keepsakes.  I did this with my own soccer trophies when I moved out of my parents house.  I have 1 from when I first started, 1 from a tournament that I played in with a separate team than I was normally on, and one of my last ones before I gave up the sport.


Half your troubles are because there are broken toys lurking in your kids room.  I don’t know how many times I pick up something of Boogie’s and find that it’s broken in half and yet it’s lurking at the bottom of the toy box.

Kids go through a lot of stages, not only by growing out of clothes, but also growing out of toys.  Many things your kids will simply lose interest but not break or wear out, giving them away is better than trashing them.  Don’t just think of Good Will or the Salvation Army.  Check with people you know who have kids.  Their kid may just have heard of Cars of Jake & The Neverland Pirates and would love to have your used toys.  You probably could do a yard sale too, but I find that most things you don’t really get a lot of money for and the time and energy to yard sale could be spent doing other things.

3.  Get rid of the paper!

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to declutter my kids’ bedroom, I find tons of paper!  I think the last time we cleared out Bootsie’s room we got at least two trash bags of coloring pages or art projects that were hiding under her bed of all places.

Keys to saving the important stuff:

  • If it’s in good condition and you have a place for it, save a few to frame if you have a family art wall or to put into a small “art box” in case you still are having trouble throwing it away.
  • If you are committed enough and want to purge the clutter take pictures!  You can make a great portfolio by using or another photo printing service.  You could make a year’s worth of art projects book every school year and the only clutter you’d keep is the pictures on your computer!

Remember: It’s A Process.

To declutter your kids’ bedroom once is kind of a joke.  This is a process that I’m finding happens about once a month.  Ir probably could happen even more often than that.  A few weeks in between decluttering sessions lets your kids outgrow and break and trash more things for you to get rid of!

How do you clean or declutter your kids’ bedroom?

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