40 Must-See Places To Take Your Kids Before They’re Grown

40 Must-See Places To Take Your Kids Before They're Grown
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I don’t think you’ll ever hear anyone tell you that by taking your kids places that you’re doing them a disservice.  Yes, be mindful of school being missed, but really, going out and seeing the world is one of the best educations you can get in life.

40 Must-See Places To Take Your Kids Before They're Grown

See The World

As a kid my father was in the military and not only did we live a lot of places, we actually took the time to visit all these places.  I heard an interesting quote from an actor the other day.  He travels a ton when he’s promoting movies and part of his contract states that he has to have “sightseeing time”.  It wasn’t said in those exact words, but he made it clear that he needed time to actually see the cities that he was traveling to.  He said that he loved going to Russia and actually seeing the country instead of just seeing the inside of the hotel rooms he was being interviewed in.

My Personal Travel Log

My count of states to visit to make to all 50 of the United States is only 5 away from being complete.

I’m missing:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Vermont

I don’t know if this holds for other people, but about 90% of those states were visited before I was 18.  Most of these were seen by car:

  • NY to CA and back on highway 80
  • NY to CA when we moved to CA
  • NY to FL and back to see Disney World
  • Boston Trip
  • NY to Maryland and back
  • Worked in Maine so I visited NH along the way
  • A loop around the southwest to look at colleges for my cousin
  • A wilderness trip out to the Dakotas and back with my grandparents
  • A drive from IL to MN on a crazy Justin Timberlake concert excursion
  • A road trip to St. Louis for a concert with a friend

Considering all the time I’ve spend either driving or sitting through car trips around the country I’m surprised I haven’t seen more states!

A starter list

Here is a link to a great list of places to take your kids: 40 must-see places to take your kids before they’re grown – TODAY.com

Traveling is a great educational experience for anyone.  You don’t necessarily have to visit historical places, but more the fact athat going anywhere that’s different than where you live is something to put into your memory bank.

Some of these are interest-specific places, like the rock n roll hall of fame or the baseball hall of fame, but a lot of them are national parks that I think everyone should at least see a few of.  Also some of these are out of the country and not a good fit for younger kids, but still great places to put on wishlists.

Have you been to any of these places?

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