Are you the Mom in jeans? My love affair with casual clothes

Are you the mom in jeans? My love affair with casual clothes
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My love affair with casual clothes began at a young age.  Pictures of my childhood look one step away from a GAP advertisement.  Actually some of the items were from the GAP.

I’m almost one hundred percent sure this uniform was adopted because my mother was a big fan of casual clothes.

In her earlier years there were dress codes for her position, namely heels, skirts and blouses, but as the years went along things got more casual.  It was extremely ironic since my father was in the military.  On most occasions he wore a formal version of his uniform at least once a month.  His “business casual” included pressed pants and shirt and tie.  The accessories for his position were all the rank pins and patches that are required by one in the military including shined shoes.

Are you the mom in jeans? My love affair with casual clothes

Trying to Avoid Mom Jeans while still being casual

Heading toward forty, one thing that I want to avoid is those dreaded jeans: Mom Jeans!

So, what do I consider casual clothes?

I actually think my definition has changed over the last few years.  Yes, the standard pieces are similar to my childhood.  Somehow now each can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

The list can be different for different people but my list of casual clothes includes:

  • Sweatshirt – Hoodies are the sweatshirt of choice.
  • T-shirt – I’m going more for fitted t-shirts now but my collection of running t-shirts is huge.
  • Jeans – Whether it’s long pants, capris or shorts, jean material is like a second skin.
  • Running shoes – Yes. I’m talking about actual running shoes are a part of my daily routine.  Partly this is a necessity since I broke my foot a few years ago.

I do have to say though that I’ve started to try to dress up my jeans and t-shirt look.  There are infinity scarves and jewelry.  And those running shoes sometimes are replaced by pairs of dress boots or in warmer months sandals.  One by one, fashion has crept it’s way into my closet.  It’s not a total transformation by any means, but it’s working towards it.

Part of my issue has always been that I’m 5’11” and I’m over 200 lbs.  Even without seeing a full-length picture of me, it’s not hard to see just from the stats that what looks good on the models at the store, most times doesn’t fit me well.  I try to imitate them anyway.  I’ll pick and choose a few items to pair together.  It’s no mirror image, but its good inspiration.  I think I succeed a few times a week, but I still struggle with the fact that I’m a casual girl trying to be a dressy girl.

Like Mother Like Daughter, not so much…

I’m not quite sure if my daughter will fall in love casual clothes the way that I have.  As much as I’m like my mother, she’s not like me.  Nature versus nurture, right?

She’s a dressy girl.

She’s anti-jeans at the moment only pulling on jeggings or leggings that look kind of like jeans.  Actually she prefers pink.  Pink and tutus and skirts, which I know she doesn’t get from me.  I’ll wear a dress if I have to, the way I did for the latest family wedding, but it’s usually my cover-up skirt when we go to the beach or boating.

When I mentioned my alienation due to Bootsie’s boycott of jeans to some moms at school the other morning, one of the moms said that she only owned like two pair of jeans.  I was shocked.  I thought it was a standard of the mommy wardrobe.  I mean for God’s sake, there is a thing called a mom jean!  After a moment though, I looked around and the rest of the world is beginning to move onto stretchy pants and “active wear”.

Active Wear Is The New Black.

What is active wear?  It’s not quite John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis gym wear, but it’s an alternative that has caught fire and has sparked not only official workout gear companies, but also has started a home business craze called LuLaRoe.  Trust me.  If you haven’t heard of this company I’m sure in the next six months you’ll probably be invited to one of their product parties in one of the homes of your good friends.

I take it all in stride.  When I was actually playing organized sports I lived in workout gear.  If it wasn’t basketball shorts it was those windbreaker suits that my team ordered every year with my name and number on it.  And the shoe of choice were the Nike and Adidas sandals.  They were the Crocs of their day.  I swear we all wore socks with them because nine times out of ten we were headed to or coming from actual practice.

Even as far back as sixth and seventh grade this fashion-less girl coveted the Adidas Soccer jackets of the top local team girls.  Back then active wear was a status symbol they wore on their backs, literally!

In case you haven’t seen this, here is a little YouTube parody about moms and their “active wear”:

Believe me.  There is nothing funnier than my husband singing this song!  Any time I put on my running gear, I get my own little soundtrack straight from this video.

So, whether it’s jeans or active wear, I think that I’ll always be a fan of comfortable clothing.  My “uniform” of choice for the time being and for probably all eternity is going to be casual clothing.

Comment and let me know if you’re a jeans girl or an active wear girl!

If you’re a LuLaRoe “Dealer” post your link for people to find you!

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    • I tend to feel so out of my element in anything other than casual clothes. It’s funny though because I think my 6 year old daughter is going to be a dressy person. She loves her clothes and matching her shoes and bag and lipstick. It must be genetic because that’s definitely not a habit I have! Thanks for the comment!

  1. I am always in casual clothes! I live in my jeans, especially on the school drop off! My eldest daughter would wear a party dress every day of the week if I let her but my youngest daughter is never happier than in her pyjamas! #MarvMondays

    • I love PJs!!! There is PJ day at school this week and sadly my daughter will have to be convinced to wear them. I’d be jumping at the chance to wear that to school/work! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I live in jeans and leggings but I’ve just purchased a load of winter dresses to wear with thick tights and boots in a bid to try and smarten up a little as I’m bored with my wardrobe and now that my kids are getting older and more independent I thought it was about time I made more of an effort. I don’t do ‘active’ clothes though unless going for a jog and that happens like once a year lol.


    • I have a sweater dress and leggings outfit that happens to be my dressy outfit these days. I found the dress at Old Navy and added the leggings because the picture they showed online was that outfit! LOL! I’m hoping that needing another outfit here for the holidays can get me out of my jeans for a while. I wish a fashion blogger would give me a make over. I’d love to have someone dress me since I seem to be so lost when I use my own skills.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • It’s such a hard habit to get out of. I wonder what’s gonna happen to me when I go back to work after being a stay at home mom for so long! Luckily I have a few years more to figure it out! Thanks for the comment!

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