Product Review: The Enchanted Fairy Garden

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It’s All About Fairies

A great six year old’s birthday present

Bootsie had her 6th birthday this week and even turning a very mature 6, she found that her favorite present so far has been The Enchanted Fairy Garden she got from a school friend.  The best part? It combines two of her loves right now, gardening and painting!

I’m still amazed at how little girls always seem to have a fairy phase.  I don’t quite remember my own phase of daydreaming about faires, but I’m sure it was there somewhere in the kindergarten-first grade years.  Bootsie has seen the Tinkerbell movies and I guess even though she hasn’t been talking about them a lot lately, she’s still into them.

I have to admit that I feel a little strange posting the price of The Enchanted Fairy Garden since we did receive it as a gift, but it turned out to be such a great creative gift, that I think the giver won’t mind me posting it with the recommendation.  Either way, at $19.99 it does seem a bit high, but when you think about this as a two part present (one part art project and one part gardening project), it’s a pretty good value.

Painting her Enchanted Fairy Garden pieces.
Bootsie loves to paint and is being extra careful to not “make brown” with her special paints.
All the parts to the Enchanted Fairy Garden
The pieces to this set are fairly small, but it’s a good array of decorations!

the enchanted fairy garden finished
Great way to be creative in a small space.

If you’ve got a little one who is a painter and a fairy-lover, The Enchanted Fairy Garden is something I’d definitely pick up.

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