Think you know 6 year old math? Guess again!

Think you know 6 year old math? Guess again!
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Think you know 6 year old math? Guess again! had a great quiz on it’s site a few weeks ago.  I book marked it mostly because of the title: Can You Pass This Maths SAT Test For 6-Year-Olds?

MATH SATs for 6 year olds?

In the US, SATs are what kids take to get accepted into college.  It’s a big deal here in the US as to what colleges will take you by what score you get on the test.  Passing the SATs is big business.  Books like The Official SAT Study Guide fly off the shelves before testing happens, but I doubt they would ever think to make one for kids this young.

And the testing situations seem to start earlier and earlier.  It’s sad really that testing at such a young age could alter a person’s whole life.  I personally am a HORRIBLE test taker.  Walk into a test and I get so nervous that I look at problems and sincerely think that they are trying to trick me with a problem I’ve never seen before.  I guess that’s why I ended up as an English major.  I can write a paper like no one’s business, but stick me in front of 15 math questions and I struggle.

Testing can’t be avoided

There are other sources of testing throughout the years, but the initials SAT bring fear to even this college graduate.  It’s a necessary evil, not only for the student to figure out where they are in their studies, but also for teachers to evaluate their ability to teach.  If someone teaches a subject and no one passes a test, then clearly the teacher needs to change their strategy.

But I digress…

Not fit for my 6 year old

Sounds crazy, but these questions actually are a little more advanced than what I thought would be on the test!  They had multiplication, division, and even simple algebra.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t see in this form until I was in junior high.

Concept wise I think my 6 year old could understand it if you showed it to her with cartoons representing the equations, but it seems way out of her league if you just sat her down in front of the written numbers.

I think that most kids Bootsie’s age, if faced with this test would really freak out.  You know that dream that people have where they show up to school and it turns out there is a final and they can’t remember being there for any of the classes?  That would be this test.

I’m wondering about the state of the educational system in the UK if this is considered 6-7 year old appropriate.  I know we may have a lot of red tape to jump over here in the US, but are we THAT far behind or his this test ridiculous?????

Take the test @

What was your score?  I actually got one wrong.  I won’t make excuses, but I did the math wrong in my head.  Makes me want to run out and have my little ones take a math course from a place like!

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