Halloween Costumes in a Few Easy Steps

Halloween Costumes in a Few Easy Steps
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I know what you’re thinking…my internal clock maybe off or calendar is showing the wrong date.  Afterall, it’s only July and I’m thinking of Halloween?

Yes.  Yes.  I am already thinking about October!

Today marks 3 months until Halloween and this year I’m going to be prepared!

Halloween Costumes in a Few Easy StepsWhen the thought of Halloween costumes sends you running for cover…

I have a little secret I’d like to share. I hate Halloween. When I was little it was because I was scared, when I was in school it was because I never had “the right” costume. When I was single it was that I never had a date for the Halloween Party and when I had kids, I not only had to handle my own costume, but I had to handle my kids costumes as well.

Last year we attended a party so we had a week or so to plan the costumes out, but I still felt unprepared for October 31st!  The common demonstrator in all this is the costume aspect. I’m all good with handing out candy, walking for miles for candy, but I never really felt that I had THE BEST OUTFIT OF ALL TIME! Last year I came close as a woman’s version of Captain America, but I still feel there is room for improvement over last year!

No time like the present for Costumes!

Even though we are three months away from Halloween, I think it’s time to get started planning for the big day. Luckily I’ve found a great way to make this Halloween easier than last year.

www.costumes4less.com has a great widget (for lack of a better term) to help pick out this year’s costume! Click below and check it out!

What will you be, this Halloween?


Bonus!  Free Shipping with a Min $50 purchase.

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Please see my disclosure policies page for more information on affliate links on this page.
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