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Fridays are even more special now that I’ve started writing #fandayfriday posts!  We are on week 4 this week!  If you haven’t seen my posts before, this is a series where I’m collaborating with some other bloggers to share a few of my favorite things on Fridays. Each week I’ll tell you some favorites of mine and then share a link to another blogger who will share a favorite of theirs.

If you missed the other three entries you can read them: SafetyDog Products You’ll Love & Back To School and I hope you enjoy my newest entry for Crafting Week.

Smart Art

With school supplies cycling onto the sales racks now that schools are starting back up, its the perfect time to stock up your art boxes.  The perfect way to get artsy these days is with an adult coloring book!  Art therapy is not a new concept, but the popularity of adult coloring books have taken the world by storm. Everyone I know seems to be into them and I have to admit, I thought they were silly at first.  After a semester of volunteering in a kindergarten class where coloring is King, I realized just how much I missed coloring!!!

Here are some great supplies to get your started on this craft that is considered to be better than therapy for some anxious mothers.

Coloring Book Options:

art therapy for mommiesI’m in love with the Paisley Wonders | Color Art for Everyone – Leisure Arts (6784) book.  I featured a page of it on the  iamzoewatson.com instagram account a few weeks ago and everyone went wild over the pattern that I chose.  This book has thick one sided pages that allows you to make these simple pages into art pieces if you want!

I’m planning to frame at least one or two of my pieces, but these would even be a great addition to your refrigerator art collection.

art therapy for mommiesAs my obsession with adult coloring books continued, I purchased this book for myself.  With mantras included like “Mama Hair Don’t Care”, this Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book is the perfect way to add a little comedic relief to your coloring book therapy session.  I’m sure most moms can relate to at least one of the pages in this book!

This one and a great glass of wine or a little cup of coffee in the morning has to at least give you a laugh even if it doesn’t take away your anxiety.

The Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book actually was a suggested book from one of the colored pencil companies I looked at during my buying process.  I haven’t seen this in person, but any floral/garden theme has to be comforting to color.


Things to Color With:

Choosing the smooth writing style of a gel pen versus a ball point pen is a life changing moment.  These types of pens have been around for years.  In fact, as an English major with heavy note taking and writing assignments, I couldn’t live without them college.  Now though, I’m looking at these pens in a whole new way.

My recent purchase of the Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books to Reduce Stress And Increase Mindfulness (24 pack “Buy a Set, Give a Set” with storage case), brought back a whole bunch of memories. I wasn’t disappointed with this 24 pack of pens that includes sparkle pens which have a glittery look to them.

These are great for the adult coloring books.  The adult pictures usually have small spaces to color and the fine tips of these pens seem to work well in small spaces.

Another favorite item of mine to color with actually came from my volunteering in my daughter’s kindergarten class is the Crayola Twistables.  These are a pencil product, but color with a soft touch like a crayon.  I actually feel like they are a hybrid since they are pointy like a fine tip pen, but in larger spaces look more like a crayon texture yet are a pencil.

The Crayola 30 Count Twistable Colored Pencils is a great pack to pick up. With 30 colors to choose from you won’t ever get stuck on a project you’re working on.  Most adult coloring books are very complicated pictures and the more colors you have the better you’ll be able to color.

While Crayola has a lot of great products, I thought I’d feature another set of colored pencils instead of the Crayola version.  Have you heard of watercolor colored pencils?

The Ohuhu 36-color Watercolor Pencils / Water Soluble Colored Pencil Set is a little step up from the type of colored pencils we grew up with.  This is a great addition to your adult coloring book arsenal.  These great colors can be blended together to make any shade you’re searching for!


Every artbox needs a sharpener and I love to have one that I can travel with.  This tiny Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener, Assorted Colors (PS1-ADJ) is a great one to use.

I love the locking feature on this box.  I’m not a mean mom, but I want my art supplies to stay separate from my kids’!  The Vaultz Locking Utility Box with Combination Lock, Black on Black (VZ00192) is the way to go!

On The Go:

If you’re on the go like me and you can’t carry all your supplies with you here is a great app to try out!  Take your adult coloring book obsession with you where ever you go!  I’ve posted more than a few pictures on my Instagram feed using this app and the other apps shown.  Check out the images if you get a minute!


The Coloring Apps for Adults Premium was the first app I downloaded.  It’s got a pretty good array of pictures to work with and the way to pick your colors is pretty easy to understand.  I love the way you don’t have to plan your pictures out because you can always just click another color if you don’t like what you’ve done.


I hope these suggestions get you started on your way to coloring heaven.  People are claiming that coloring books will help you reduce your stress.  I can’t guarantee that it will help.  I know that even in the short amount of time that I’ve been coloring that it’s helped me have a few calm.  We all need those moments in the chaos of my mommy life.  It’s also a great activity to do with your kids.  Let them color their coloring books and you can color yours!


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