Three Recipe Apps You Need To Check Out

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3-recipe-apps-you-need-to-check-outAs much as I love standing in my house over my favorite cookbook usually I’m thinking about recipes during kid drop off and pick up or while watching Karate class.  Thank the lord that there are apps for my iPhone that can help me plan meals on the go.  Here is a short list of three of my favorite apps!

Read all the way to the bottom to see a link to a favorite blogger friend of mine!

The Food Network In the Kitchen App is a great one to keep on hand.  I’m obsessed with most TV shows on the channel and the idea of having recipes from chefs like Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, and Giada De Laurentiis and hundreds of other chefs expertise in my pocket really something I love!


Without a doubt, Pinterest is the best place on the internet to find recipes!

Everything from wine slushies to kids lunch ideas to dinner options,  Pinterest is my go to place on the internet to find what I need.The only draw back from this is the amount of recipes you’ll find.

You can get lost in Pinterest.  Be careful!

Have you seen of the feed of cooking videos from Tasty on facebook?

They are amazingly popular.  I don’t know how many videos I’ve shared over the last year alone.

Did you know that Tasty has it’s own app?  It does!  Click the image to get it for yourself!

I guess I missed #tribetuesday!  I know most moms can relate since somehow the kids always seem to eat up the minutes of the day…

Just wanted to throw some Fresh Tribe love towards a creative blogger:

Long before The Art Kit was born, two art loving parents were simply looking for a way to introduce their little ones to art through a fun and interactive way. With backgrounds in art and digital media design, and a passion for creativity, they set out creating themed printables and art lessons to make learning about art history fun. They were amazed at how eagerly and quickly their little ones soaked up those lessons and began applying their new-found knowledge into their daily lives. Before long, The Art Kit was officially born, and those little ones, or “testers,” as they so adorably put it, began contributing as well.

The Art Kit has grown to so much more since those early days and we are truly honored and delighted you have chosen to take a glimpse into our art filled days. It is our hope that we have inspired you to bring more creativity into your world and the world of your children.



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