In The Classroom – Week 6

in the classroom
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in-the-classroomThis week was a pretty easy week for volunteering.  The kids are still in four groups so balancing them with a lot of help in the classroom is getting easier and easier as they get used to doing “centers”.

Most of the time I was in the classroom I spent talking with another parent volunteer.  The subject of kids being multi-lingual came up and how the system is mislabeling children due to parent’s answers on the registration packet for kindergarten.  This has been a common theme for families in our district.

Unless your child is truly bilingual, do not put that they know another language!

Sounds backwards, I know, but this will immediately put them into an English As A Second Language program or a version of it, (at least in our district).  The only way to get them OUT of this program is to get them tested and it seems like it takes weeks or months to get this straightened out.

In other positive news… The kids worked on iRead.  I love this program for really let a child succeed in reading but at their own pace.  I think it’s also a help to a teacher when trying to gauge their reading level.  Without a consistent program like this you really can’t tell what level a kid is at and how quickly they are improving or getting roadblocked by certain parts of reading.

Luckily I’m pretty computer savvy and most of my expertise was just making sure to keep them on task and make sure they didn’t get booted off the computer.

Part of me is hesitating now to take pictures in the classroom. I’m pretty sure the last few weeks of pictures are kind of boring, but it’s because I want to be 100% sure that I don’t use any images with the kids faces or anything like that.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

PS– I recently nominated myself as Sargent at Arms for The PTO.  I can’t wait to do some work for the PTO and hopefully get more involved once both the littles are at the same school!

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