#FanDayFriday: School Fundraisers You Should Try

fandayfriday school fundraisers you should try
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Time for another #fandayfriday post!

If you haven’t seen my posts before, this is a series where I’m collaborating with some other bloggers to share a few of my favorite things on Fridays. Each week I’ll tell you some favorites of mine and then share a link to another blogger who will share a favorite of theirs.

fandayfriday school fundraisers you should tryIf you missed the other entries you can read them:

Here are some great ideas for fundraising events for your PTO/PTA or parents groups to try.

1. Walk-A-Thon (or any kind of A-Thon)

Why an A-Thon works so well…

When kids are actively participating in the event that is raising money for their school there is more excitement generated around the event.  I know my daughter talks about the walk-a-thon for days before it happens and loves to brag about how many laps she walked when its over.


Extreme A-Thon…

I saw on the news a few years back a dad who was an ultra-runner (someone who runs more than marathon distances) decided to do a 24-running event.  He got local people and businesses to donate and he ran around the school track for 24 hours straight.  I forget how much money he ended up raising for the school, but he donated all the money to them as well as bringing media attention to the school and school district through the local news.

A word of warning…

The first year your child participates in a walk-a-thon or an any a-thon, try doing a small amount for per/lap, per/book, etc. donations.  I’m sure kindergarten parents don’t mind donating $1.00 a lap, but if your child ends up reading 50 books in a month or walking 22 laps then you’re responsible for donating that amount to the school if that’s what you signed up for.

For this reason our family does a flat donation.  I know it’d probably make it even more competitive for our daughter, but after making donations from mommy, daddy, Boogie, my parents, and my husband’s mother, we collected about $60.00 in donations!

2. Cookie Dough Purchase

I’m not sure how wide spread Otis Spunkmeyer is known, but in our area they are THE cookie company everyone flocks to for catering and fundraising events.  Their program seems pretty simple to do, you have people place orders and the school gets a percentage of the sales.  This is such a popular thing that they have a whole website http://www.otisfundraisingideas.com/ dedicated to fundraising efforts.

The only complication that seems to happen with this one is that at our school they do a bulk delivery and you go and pick up your orders instead of having them mailed to your house.  This works out great for the parents who pick up their products on time, but for some it can be a pain.  These products need to be refrigerated and our school doesn’t have the room to keep the product for more than a few hours so if parents aren’t able to pick up their cookie dough, it spoils and has to be thrown out.

[As the admin for our PTO facebook page, I’m planning an onslaught of reminders to make sure that we don’t have any leftover orders this year.]


3. Square1Art

As a kindergartner my daughter’s classes last year all made butterflies for their art show and the art show submissions were all part of Square1Art.  They turned their artwork into collectible items like coffee cups, mouse pads, phone covers… you get the idea.  This is a great way to buy a personalized item of your children’s artwork and support your school since the school gets a percentage of the sales of the items.

From the Square1Art site:  Parents may not get excited about fundraisers — but they DO get excited about what their child is learning. That’s what makes Square 1 Art’s fundraising program so exceptional. Our focus on the accomplishments of the student, creates conversations between parent and child, as well as memorable keepsakes family members can’t resist. When all is said and done, the child’s creativity is affirmed, the parents have a lasting memory, and the school raises valuable funds. That’s a win-win partnership.

I can’t wait to see this year’s project.  They are making giraffe’s for the art project for their grade.

4. Dining to Donate

There are a lot of local chain restaurants who have fundraising events like the Dining To Donate ones I read about through the Applebee’s website.  Their program is described as:

We will provide our restaurant, staff, and a Dining to Donate flyer to ensure that your “Dining to Donate” event is an absolute success. When your friends and family hand in your organization’s “Dining to Donate” event flyer on the day of the event, 10% of their purchase will be donated directly back to your organization.

Dining to Donate provides an opportunity for non-profit groups to raise funds and host a fun night at Applebee’s, while earning 10% of food purchases. — http://www.flapjackfunds.com/

This is a great win for everyone! By choosing to eat at Applebee’s they are helping a local school without having to do volunteer hours or hand over money above and beyond the price of a meal they probably would be eating anyway.

5. Online funding sites

If you want the most accessible way to collect money from your community, try looking at setting up online donation sites:

gofundme.com – This is a great funding site.  You can get people to donate and you don’t have to do anything other than visit the site.  You set an amount you’re looking to raise and you can run this all year long.  It’s also a great way to go outside your local community because it’s online and available for anyone to donate to.

donorschoose.org –  A music teacher friend of mine sets up accounts on this site for people to help pay for new musical instruments each year.  You may get lucky and find someone who used to play the trombone and wants to make sure that a local student has the opportunity to play one too!

Another teacher has a fund to buy new books and another has a fund to buy Kindle Fire’s for his classroom.

The best part of this site is that you can pick exactly which teacher and which project you’re funding.

Hopefully these ideas will give you a little kick-start to your fundraising efforts.  Each school and community are different so some may work better than others, but any ideas are helpful to PTOs and PTAs when it comes to fundraising.

What types of fundraisers does your school do?  I’d love to hear new ides!


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