#FanDayFriday: Remix

FanDayFriday Remix
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It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing…this post is the latest installment of my #fandayfriday series!

If you haven’t read any of the posts in my series before, this is my weekly chance to tell the world about five things that I love as well as throw a little #FanDayFriday love to another blogger at the end of this post.

FanDayFriday Remix

I love the remix…

As my blog grows and my readers increase in numbers I’m finding it easier to focus on the objectives that I set out for this blog in March 2016.  Here is a list of five important areas of my blog that I think will be a part of my blog now and in the future.

1 Educating The Littles

This section of my blog really is what I’m passionate about.  Educating the Littles sounds like such a large subject to cover, but really, as a mom and as a stay at home mom, really the bulk of my life is spent either participating in or planning the education of my children.

Above and beyond all the stories about school and the decidsions I’ve made when it comes to my kids, the In The Classroom series really interesting to write.  I actually am still a little behind on updates, but I definitely love the idea of “reporting” my classroom experiences.

2 Enriched Mom Life

This is the broadest of all my subject areas, but really is important to me.  I have to keep remembering that I’m more than just mom.  I’m a wife and above and beyond that I’m a woman.  If I don’t nuture all of these aspects of my life, it’s a detriment to the rest of the package.

3 Beginners Guide to Wine

This one has been a real joy to explore.  I started out with a bang and have backed off a little as far as the actual consuming of alcohol goes.  When you skip “the minor leagues” and go straight to “the majors” you really can get yourself in the trouble.

Slow and steady wins the race right?

Drinking may have slowed, but the research is continuing.  My mother in law calls me everyone’s phone a friend and I have a feeling that if someone on Millionaire got caught with a wine question I might one day be their expert to call.  Right now though, I’m finding out more and more interesting things about wine!  I’m sure maybe one day when I get old I’ll be able to write a book about it, but for now this is a labor of love.  Claiming “research” as a reason for buying a bottle of wine has really been liberating!

4 PTO Help Desk

This one I’ve recently decided I should add to my blog.  I really am learning a lot from my PTO experience.  I’m definitely not an expert, but with the birthdays of my kids I’ll be in the Elementary School PTO until 2025 if I stay until my youngest goes off to 6th grade!

Learning as I go and sharing it is sure to be of benefit to someone out there.

5 Product Reviews

I never knew I’d fall in love with writing reviews, but I really have come to love these adventures with new products that I come across.  Some are products that I’ve searched for myself and some are products that companies have requested that I review.  Either way, it’s fun to give your opinion on something!


Remember when I said that I was going to share a link to another blogger?  Now is the time!

Go check out…


BrianManon.com is not normally the type of site I visit, but I’m throwing some love his way because he’s got a great bit of information showing his my ups and downs and day-to-day operations as a internet marketer. He uses this blog to help others make money online by sharing blogging tips, affiliate marketing articles, reviews and tutorials.

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