Product Review: California Pure Naturals

Product Review California Pure Naturals
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I have to admit that I hesitated when I was asked if I’d like to review body wash, a body lotion and hand cream.  One reason is that I’m not a beauty or skin expert. Second, because of that fact, I wasn’t sure I could give an expert opinion. The third reason was that lately it seems like everything I’ve put on my skin seems to give me hives.

I realized though in that moment that I’m an expert in dealing with allergies. If anyone was going to show that the California Pure Naturals products were pure and natural, pun intended, it was going to be me.

Product Review California Pure NaturalsSo I sent in my yes reply and a few days later thanks to a responsive California Pure Naturals team, a package of free products and some samples arrived:

I was contacted by @CaliforniaPureNaturals to do some product reviews and today my box of goodies arrived!!! – ✅The Blackberry Body Wash ✅Blackberry Body Lotion ✅Blackberry Hand Cream – Bonus they sent me a bunch of sample sized things too!!! – In the next few weeks I'll be trying these out and before the end of October I'll post my final review of these items so keep a lookout! – #healthyskin #organicskincare #organicbeauty #BlackBerry #productreview #mommyblogger #ontheblog #comingsoon #bloggers #blogging #problogging, #bloggerlife #bloggersgetsocial #bloggerproblems #bloggerstyle #beautyblogger #beautycare #beautyblog #beautyguru #beautytips #beautyproduct #instabeauty #beautyvlogger #bblogger

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Products I reviewed:

  • Blackberry Body Lotion: Shea and cocoa butters moisturize and protect your skin by providing the right balance of important lipids and nutrients. Calendula and black tea help skin renewal and moisture, while the antioxidants found in blackberry and ginkgo protect from damage. Daily use sees an improvement in tone, clarity and texture. – $15.99
  • Blackberry Hand Cream: Protect your hands from daily exposure and damage with our nourishing hand cream. Moisture is replenished by shea butter and rosehip oil, while orange peel evens tone and protects from the environment. Natural emollients absorb quickly and deeply to promote smooth and supple hands. – $7.99
  • Blackberry Body Wash: Perfect for daily use, our body wash with the strength of black tea and ginkgo biloba leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Natural surfactants remove dirt and oil while nutrition from blackberry and chamomile nurture your skin to enhance its radiance and texture. – $17.99

About California Pure Naturals:

California Pure Naturals is the culmination of over 15 years of experience in the organic personal care industry. We are manufactured by DrJ Organics, which has been in this industry for almost 20 years. We are dedicated to the craft of safe and effective products that can be used by the whole family. We strive to use only materials from sustainable and organic sources. Our products don’t contain synthetic preservatives, harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or artificial dyes or fragrances.


The packaging is perfect. They are big bottles with great pumps and the amount they give you with one push down on the pump is a lot. I’ve been using both the body wash and lotion daily and neither bottle looks very used.  Also I’ve kept my body wash in the shower and the stickers on the bottle look brand new. I say that this is important because there is nothing worse than reaching for a bottle in the shower and coming up with a squishy handful of label.

Despite being called Blackberry, the smell of these products all have muted tones to them. I would say fruity or floral but don’t quote me. Because of my allergies I’ve learned to avoid perfumes in products and it has put me out of touch with certain smells. I’m not 100% sure if fragrance is what I’m allergic to in the washes and lotions I’ve used in the past but the smelly ones seem to cause hives. Bonus effect. I feel deeply relaxed when using these products. The California Pure Naturals wash and lotion scents remind me of the products I’ve had put on me during massages at the small list of high end spas I’ve visited since college.  They say that smell is a particularly strong memory and if this was an example it’s a good connection to a great experience.

Even with the muted smell I was cautious in my approach when trying these for the first time. I tested the lotion on the inside of my wrist to see if there was going to be a reaction. When I woke up the next day without incident I tried the body wash and haven’t looked back since.

The best part of these products in laymen terms is that even without the body wash and lotion combo (if I forget to put in lotion) my skin feels soft and moisturized.


I was confused by the samples that came with my full sized products. Not being an expert I knew that these were probably for the face and skin. With no real directions or explanation of what they were for I still find myself with a pile of them left in the drawer while the other bottles are being used daily.

I don’t know if it’s the hard water at our house or if the body wash isn’t a high foaming product, but if you’re expecting bubbles, there weren’t that many. Part of me used to think that the “lather factor” in some washes makes them more luxurious so it took some getting used to when comparing California Pure Naturals to other brands.

The only other concern I had was price. In a house with a 4 year old and 6 year old I’ve put up these bottles so that no one accidentally uses them as Barbie shampoo or hot wheels car wash soap.

For this stay at home mom is definitely something that caught my attention. It’s a little pricy if you’re on a budget but my husband actually cemented in my head that I needed to think of it as an investment.  He said that it was worth it to buy because i didn’t break out in hives while using it. I’d probably pay the same amount in antihistamines if I used another product that wasn’t right for my skin.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Above and beyond the fact that these products state that they are certified organic they also have a Banned From Our Ingredients List:

All California Pure Naturals products use certified organic ingredients. Our products are always made without using parabens, phthalates, GMOs, artificial dyes, petroleum and other harmful ingredients.

I’d definitely suggest purchasing these products.

I love what I’ve tried so much that I feel confident in adding the shampoo and conditioner to my collection.

Want to try California Pure Naturals?


At the time of this blog post going live, CPN Members were offered:

  • 15% off your first purchase
  • Travel-size Blackberry Hydrating Complex for only $1 ($15.99 value)
  • Free shipping with $35+ purchase

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