6 Thanksgiving Recipes You Should be Talking About in 2016

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With the invention of Pinterest its a wonder now that people still have a hard time finding things to make for Thanksgiving. I guess sometimes having too many choices isn’t actually the most helpful.  Here are a few key Thanksgiving recipes to check out, a little meal plan if you will, to help you find something good to make this week!

Main Dish

  • Simple Roast Turkey by Paula Deen — every recipes that starts with butter has got to be good, right?
  • Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey — Ree Drummond is a favorite of mine. I make a few of her recipes and have never run up against a bad one!


Sautéed Brussels Sprouts With Apples Recipe
Image from myrecipes.com
  • Brussels sprouts were not my favorite thing to eat for years and years, but recently I’ve learned to like them and a Saute Brussels Sprouts with Apples seems like a delicious alternative to the other starchy dishes that usually come with our Thanksgiving meal.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Image from AnnsEntitledLife.com
  • Sweet Potato Casserole is something that we can’t do without and even my husband is looking forward to this treat!

Cranberry Sauce

 Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce recipe with apple juice and a hint of maple - A simple, sweet and tangy version of a classic, this 4 ingredient Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce recipe promises to be a pretty and delicious addition to your Thanksgiving feast!
Image from the gracious wife
  • Despite hubby’s love of jellied cranberry sauce I think that he might even want to try the Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce that I found at The Gracious House Wife!


This Pumpkin Crunch Dump Cake recipe is simple to make and makes and easy thanksgiving dessert idea.
Image from Chocolate With Grace
  • Have you ever made a dump cake?  It’s not a traditional thanksgiving recipe, but this Pumpkin Crunch Dump Cake looks like an amazing alternative to pumpkin pie!

I hope these recipes will spark your imagination and give your family and even better meal on Thursday!

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    • Use Either recipe for the bird. I trust both those women with my entertaining reputation!

      Good luck with tomorrow. Just try to keep calm and enjoy the day. There’s always one mess up each year and no one will care years from now. Actually they might remember this year more if there is a great tragedy!

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