Random things in my head…

Random things in my head...
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Welcome to What’s Up? Wednesday!

Black Friday has officially been physically avoided.  Thank God our town has an Amazon distribution center in it or I’d be hurting when it comes to getting Christmas handled.

Random things in my head...

If you haven’t seen one of my previous posts, What’s Up? Wednesday is a weekly series of posts highlighting either:

  • blog posts or news that I’ve read this week
  • something that I’ve watched on Netflix or “regular” TV
  • a podcast worth checking out.

Volume 005: Random things in my head…


  • Describing words finds adjective for the noun is a great little post about a tool from Project Gutenberg.  Sadly through the article doesn’t really show the link so well.  Here it is in case you read it and can’t find it!  http://describingwords.io/for.  This  is definitely going to be bookmarked for my blog writing in 2017 and would come in REALLY handy for those of you who are finishing up NaNoWriMo!  Which reminds me.  I may have to try it next year!


  • The Gilmore Girls : Year in the life was a great continuation to the story.  I never really watched the show on TV, but have taken in a lot of episodes via Netflix.  These 4 “Seasons” episodes are amazing.  Now they say that these are Season 1, but I kinda wish they’d put it back on the internet permanently.  The writing of this show is amazing and there is so much more I want to see about the characters!
  • The documentary Tree Man is about the “characters” who sell Christmas Trees in NYC.  I never really thought twice about the people who sell Christmas trees.  A lot of people around here come down from Oregon to sell their trees, but in New York a lot of them come down from Canada to deliver their goods.  A lot of them live basically on the streets while they do it!  It was an amazing documentary about how many of them sacrifice their own Christmas family time to make NYC resident’s have a good Christmas.


  • Optimal Living Daily Podcast has become a daily part of my personal development.  Actually I kind of use it as a timer as I’m putting the dishes away or doing dishes.  Multitasking probably isn’t the best, but because I hate the dishes it’s a great distraction.

What are you paying attention to this week?  Anything good?  Let me know!

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