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Elf on the shelf resources
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It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing…this post is the latest installment of my #fandayfriday series!

If you haven’t read any of the posts in my series before, this is my weekly chance to tell the world about five things that I love as well as throw a little #FanDayFriday love to another blogger at the end of this post.

Elf on the shelf resources

I may only be on Day 5 of this adventure, but I’ve already done enough research on Elf on The Shelf to do a thesis for a Ph.D.

  1. Elf on the Shelf Official Site –  This is where the adventure begins.  You can official adopt your elf and get a letter from Santa to give to your kids.  There are products for sale here that I’m sure will inspire you.
  2. Pinterest –  There are a million pins on Pinterest that have to do with Elf on The Shelf.  Here is my collection! Enjoy!
  3. Amazon – When I searched elf on the shelf earlier today there were 2,553 entries that came up!
  4. Instagram –  If you’re looking for inspiration, you can search a whole list of hashtags, but to get right to the meat of what is on Instagram check out #elfontheshelf/.  Today when I searched there were 1,566,385 posts that came up!
  5. Facebook Group – This has been a great group of people to share my pictures and ideas with.  Hubby loves the idea of this, but it seems like with any hobby you have to find like-minded people to share your fandom excitement!  If you’re reading this after Christmas 2016, I’m sure there will be one listed for next year so search the group out with the appropriate year!

Are you a part of this phenomenon?  

Post links to your favorite Instagram or Facebook posts and I’ll check them out!


Remember when I said that I was going to share a link to another blogger?  Now is the time!

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My hope is to have a place for you to become a better mother and writer along with me. Life is filled with stories. What’s yours?

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