Ways to Make Christmas Mean More

ways to make christmas mean more
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ways to make christmas mean more

The holidays have been marred by mass marketing, toy lists, and sales campaigns.  I think most people have lost the real reason for the season.  Some may celebrate Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah.  Some may not celebrate at all.  No matter what you celebrate, religious or not, it’s important to make Christmas time mean more than just presents.

Here is a list of five ways to make Christmas mean more:

Performing random acts of kindness shouldn’t be something you only do at the holidays.  This time of year is so much about commercialism and excess it’s important to see that not all people can have a lavish Christmas.  Not to put a damper on the season, but I read someplace that the holidays for some can be an extremely lonely time.  Performing a random act of kindness might save a person from having a horrible holiday season.

I know.  I know.  Presents.  I get it.  We are trying to get away from this, but what a great way to encourage your kids to read!  My first grader is flying through books and for 2017 we are going to try to read 2 books a week (104 books next year).  This would be a great way to start off that challenge!  You will have to spend some money, but having educational items hidden in with the fun presents they ask Santa for is great right?

For those who practice the christian religion, here is a great list of scriptures to get your through your countdown to Christmas.  I’m sure there are other scriptures for the other religions that could be used.  Even a non-religious set of quotes could be used, but what a great reminder that the season is about more than just Santa.

Remembering to spend time with family at this time of year is important.  Having a Christmas bucket list to attempt is something I’ve wanted to do.  I’ve done them during the summer with the kids was fun, so why not try it during our two week school vacation!

What a great excuse to get together with friends that doesn’t have to do with spending too much money.  Making cookies or sweets to trade with your friends is so much fun!  Our preschool does a cookie exchange.  We are supposed to bring 13 cookies to school on the 15th and we’ll come home with a set of cookies from other students.  The only caution about this one is to make sure that allergies aren’t an issue.  We are a peanut free class so that’s something to consider, but as long as you plan ahead it’d be great thing to do.  For adults you could do a wine exchange!  A friend of mine does this often.  You bring two bottles.  One to give away and one to drink.  He’s had amazing fun doing this!

What types of traditions do your family members participate in that don’t have to do with present giving?  Comment and hopefully you’ll find something new to start practicing this Christmas!


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