How the End of the Year Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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Welcome to What’s Up? Wednesday!

Wow!  I made it through the holidays.  I swear time moves faster and faster every holiday season and this year has gone by QUICKLY!  The kids were out of school last week and have this week off and I feel like they’ll be going back to school any minute!

With the new year approaching I’m really excited to be moving into a more calm time of year.  I’ve planned out some great posts for the blog and I’m moving to work some more predictable things into my personal life as well.  Scheduling everything may seem boring, but to know what is coming is actually comforting for me.

How the End of the Year Can Keep You Out of Trouble

If you haven’t seen one of my previous posts, What’s Up? Wednesday is a weekly series of posts highlighting either:

  • blog posts or news that I’ve read this week
  • something that I’ve watched on Netflix or “regular” TV
  • a podcast worth checking out.

Volume 009: How the End of the Year Can Keep You Out of Trouble

This last week of the year is definitely a great time to take stock of the year before and figure out what I’ve learned.  This year there are a lot of things I could write down, but the ideas are so jumbled in my head that I fear that none of them would be meaningful.  This year’s personal development plan has hit a snag, but with only a few more days of the year left, I’m already planning great things for next year.  I’ve got a weekly sheet to record my findings and hopefully set up the rest of the year for success.

If you get a minute check out Mommy’s Mid-Life Quest on Facebook.  I’m going to put most of my personal development findings there this year instead of bombarding this blog with another set of blog posts.  A lot of the times I won’t have a whole blog post worth of things to talk about, but it’s something I plan on persuinging daily.

Next year at this time of year I plan to write a list of 17 things that I learned in 2017.  As strange as it is to plan this out, I already have a list in my planner to help me remember to write it all down.  I know there will be more than 17 things that I learn, but the idea of writing down 17 things in 2017 seemed like an organized way of really focusing on the important things.  I guess I could do 52, one each week, but even that seems daunting.  My goal for 2017, as I’ll tell you about more soon, is to make “quality” a part of everything I do.  Focusing on 17 instead of 52 makes those 17 ones that I’ve picked mean even more!

What’s Up? with your Wednesday?  Comment and let me know!

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