#fandayfriday: End of an Era

FanDayFriday end of an era
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As much as I love my #FanDayFriday posts, it’s time for something new.

FanDayFriday end of an era

Fear not, the #fandayfriday link parties are here to stay, but instead of having two post series with similar names, I’m going to morph this concept into a #FridayFive post.

Here’s how the new series will work…

Each week I’ll tell you 5 things about a given topic, but no more will you be bombarded by the #FridayFive blog titles. They are too repetitive and boring if you ask me. Keep a look out for the #FridayFive logo at the bottom of each Friday post. If you click on it, you’ll be able to get to a page that will list all of my #FridayFive posts!

I know in the past that I’ve featured different bloggers on these #FanDayFriday posts. Instead I would encourage anyone looking for a little attention to join the #FanDayFriday Link Parties each week. If you haven’t tried this method of marketing your blog, I highly recommend it! There are two bonuses to linking to the party:

  1. I will pin all the entries to my Pinterest Board!
  2. I will feature the top three posts from the previous week on the current week’s link party!

Each of the above gives you an extra chance to get see around the internet.

Anyway, I hope this information is helpful…so while I’m saying goodbye to the old, I hope that the new is even better!

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