Secrets To Mommy Success

Secrets to Mommy Success

Continuing with the new year new format theme for 2017, here is my new weekly post series #fridayfive. Last year I’d post #fandayfriday and boast of my favorite things, but I found that I ran out of favorites to talk about. Instead I’m going to cap the week off with five things that I think will help you.

Secrets to Mommy Success


1) Write It Down

I’ve heard that by physically writing things down you can remember more things, so in November 2016 I started a paper version of a planner to get into the habit. There are a million and one different planners one can use when transitioning to a paper planner.  Amazon has more than enough of them and there are boards of pins on Pinterest.  I decided to start simple for the first year to see if I could get my habit going.  For less than $20 I refilled a size a5 binder with  dividers, a calendar, and note pages.

2) Set an Alarm

I am very forgetful so to combat this I’ve learned to set alarms on my iPhone. My most used alarms other than my morning alarm are the ones for school pick ups.  I have one set for an hour before my kids pick up times which gives me plenty of time to get across town or get packed up to get to the pick up line on time. There is nothing worse than forgetting or being late to pick up your little ones.

3) Stop To Smell The Roses

Enjoy the moment. To encourage the #quality focus this year, I plan to stop and smell the roses. Being in the moment and enjoying what’s going on right now will make each moment count.

4) Schedule The Time

There is nothing worse than being with someone and having them look at the clock to make sure they are on schedule. One of the secrets of my success is to schedule out my time appropriately. If I’m going to have a play-date I’m going to block off enough time for the kids to play and any time that it might take to get to the play-date location and back home.

5) Check Your Notes!

Keeping an eye on my planner is the only way the planner can work for me.  I try to look at my planner in the morning to see whats going on each day and I check it one last time before bed in case I’ve forgotten to write something down.

I hope these five things have helped give you an idea of how I’m becoming more successful in the new year.

Secrets to Mommy Success

What are some tips you’d give if you were listing out the secrets to your success?  Post them here!

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    • It’s working well so far! Although I still do a lot of writing down on my computer, the important stuff I write with pen and paper and those ideas are sticking more than normal. I tend to still use the computer for some things since there is not copy and paste with a pen! LOL!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I guess it makes sense, writing things down. For instance, telephone numbers… the only ones I can remember are the ones I’ve had to write down a whole bunch. Hubby’s and mine…that’s about it. My phone and computer have become my new memory gadget and it’s definitely something I need to remedy!

  1. Writing everything down is key for me. If I don’t write it down, I forget. Also taking the time out to be present in the moment has really made me more relaxed and happy.

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