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$50 Store Credit Give Away
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$50 Store Credit Give AwayDo your little ones like to dress up?  Are those Halloween costumes from 2016 looking a little worn?  Are you looking to replace some of your kids super hero gear or ballet dress up outfits?

I’m there with you.  We had a super hero dance at school last week and I realized that all of our dress up gear is either too worn or too small to wear!  Crazy, right?

Don’t worry!

Little Adventures is here to help you!  They’ve offered up a great giveaway through I Am Zoe Watson!  I’ve got a chance for you to be a hero to your little ones by entering to win $50 of store credit at Little Adventures as well as a discount code for your to shop with during the give away!

So here goes my blog’s first giveaway…  Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for your discount code!


Little Adventures is recognized as a leading provider of
quality dress-ups in the specialty toy market throughout the world.


1 winner of $50 store credit


March 1st – March 17th


March 18th


Little Adventures Give Away

Here is a direct link to the entry form. Hopefully it helps!

Thank You’s:

Thanks to Little Adventures for contacting me and
letting me run this giveaway and
for the great products they sent me to review!

Big thanks to Mommy Loves Giveaway for
giving me some great advice on how to set this giveaway up!


All I Am Zoe Watson readers are invited to
15% Off Little Adventures purchases through St. Patrick’s Day
by using coupon code:  lapromo-iazw

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    • Aren’t they great? My kids just got the super hero capes and are LOVING them. I love that they aren’t that “Halloween costume material”, they are pieces that you can keep for at least a few years of wear and tear!

    • While yes it is early for Halloween, any of the outfits sold at Little Adventures can be used for everyday dress up. My kids wore their super hero capes to the movies the other day.

  1. My little one is starting to really get into dressing up. Fab giveaway, will definitely be entering and keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. Is the giveaway form really small and hard to enter for anybody else? My niece would love something from this store She loves to dress up #littleadventures #redefiningprincess.

  3. My niece and nephews would love this! They love to play dress up! I love the Cinderella Dress. Too cute!! #littleadventures #redefiningprincess kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Happy March!

  4. #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess It wasn’t working well for me, but I opened the source code and pulled out the address, sure wish I would have read the comments first, would have been a lot easier! Thanks Patty! I also would love to get dress up stuff for me and my children.

  5. I had the same problem. I think that’s what the person on March 1 was trying to say as well. Thanks for the direct link!

  6. My daughter loves to dress up and I have been thinking of buying her some items. #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess

  7. i would like to win this for my princess Lily! She is my 5 year old princess at heart! she would go crazy if we won so she couldget a Belledress!! #littleadventures #redefiningprincess

  8. I love this company and this giveaway!
    I love that they have fun dress up etc. for girls AND BOYS too!
    I loved playing dressup and having pretend adventures as a little girl, and
    our 3 daughters and 2 sons always did too!
    I would be elated if I won this for our little grandson!
    Thanks for the chance!
    #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess (Princess-are-EMPOWERED-these-days-and-don’t-NEED-to-wait-for-handsome-princes-to-rescue-them. #REDEFININGPRINCESS)

  9. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. We could definitely use some new cute dress up clothes. #redefiningprincess #littleadventures

  10. We love dressing up to enjoy #littleadventures. We are #redefiningprincess by encouraging our granddaughters to try and do all sorts of creative things.

  11. Wow! I looked at their website and their dresses are beautiful! Our daughter is a HUGE Eleana of Avalon fan and would love their Spanish Princess dress! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess

  12. I am loving Little Adventures Chair Covers and Apron sets!! The Little Market would be perfect for my daughters who are 4 and almost 7 🙂 When we go to the store they love going through the self checkout so they can make the items ‘beep beep’! lol I know they’d love to play that at home as well! #littleadventures #redefiningprincess

  13. My son is really into dress up and costumes right now. I’ll be sure to keep them bookmarked for the next time we need a new outfit. #littleadventures #redefiningprincess

  14. This stuff is so cute! I have twin boys and they would love the starwars outfits. #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess

  15. My little girl #redefiningprincesd and my twin nephews #littleadventures would love these dress up outfits! Such a great giveaway!!!!

  16. My granddaughter loves to play dress up what little girl don’t I would love to win and surprise her with something from your site. Thanks for a chance 🙂

  17. Oh my gosh, I love the selection of costumes. I would especially love to have the Rubies Costumes Boys, Batman Dark Knight-Muscle Chest. Super cute!!

  18. #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess I absolutely LOVE the selection. I love that these can be used for everyday play and are a good quality to withstand it.

  19. I love the Little Pet Clinic Chair Cover! All of the Chair covers are such creative venues without spending a fortune and filling up the playroom!

  20. I love this giveaway and could find a lot of great items on the site. Thanks for sharing. #littleadventures #redefiningprincess

  21. Love to shop at Little Adventures wonderful items to pick from the kids would love #littleadventures and #redefiningprincess

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