Why Link Parties Will Change Your Blogging Life

Why Link Parties Will Change Your Blogging Life
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I’ve been blogging about a year now.  One of the biggest changes that I’ve made to my blogging life is adding my URLs to link parties.  I started to figure out the great things about link parties in October 2016 and immediately saw a change in the amount of traffic that visited my site.  In the last half of the year and into 2017 I’ve been getting more and more involved in that world.

In the spirit of sharing all that I know with the readers of this blog, here is pretty much all that I know about link parties.  I’ve included some great reasons why parties will change your blogging life:Why Link Parties Will Change Your Blogging Life

What is a link party?

Link Parties (or sometimes known as linky parties or blog hops) are a post on another website featuring a tool that allows you to post your own projects onto the hosting website.  Most of the posts show a photo and a link back to your site. It’s a great way to highlight and share your best content and possibly get featured on bigger blogs.

How to set up link parties:

  • Pick a catchy name & a day for your party to be published on.  Some link parties happen every week.  Some happen once a month depending on what type of link up they are.
  • It’s important to create a badge/logo for people to advertise your party.  Think of this as branding your link party.  You’ll definitely get known by your logo and name so making it recognizable is important.
  • Sign up with a link party service. I use Linky Tools for the #FanDayFriday Link Party.  This started out as a free service and eventually I had to pay for it, but it was so reasonably priced that I know the advertising money I receive from the traffic I gain each week will pay for it quickly.
  • Create the rules for your party.  These can be anything you want them to be but common ones include items that will help increase the traffic that comes to the party:
    • number of links you can add each week
    • requirement that you link back to the party
    • certain number of comments you should leave for other participants.

Tips on how to stay organized

  • As a party manager:
    • Create a category name for your link party on your blog. The theme I have on my blog shows a category page as my link party “homepage” and automatically lists all the posts in that category on that page, cutting down on the amount of busy work I have to do to keep the pages organized.
    • Start a newsletter for your party to highlight previous weeks participants and remind people of new parties or other news.   No offense to people, but we are instictually lazy when it comes to looking things up on the internet.  If you send them a link straight to your party each week they are more likely to visit it and post!
  • As a participant:
    • Add your link to the party and immediately add a link back to the party.  If you don’t do this immediately you may forget to and usually that’s one of the requirements of being a participant.
    • Open the required number of links you need to be commenting on.  Make some kind of meaningful comment on the post and close the window as you go.
    • Read this to post more impactful comments: get-traffic-with-blog-comments
    • While some parties may send out reminders, it’s a good idea to set yourself reminders for the parties you visit most.

Got a link party?

If you have your link party in place, you’re probably now asking yourself what is the next step.

  • It’s important to advertise it on all your social media accounts.  When my party page gets published each week I send a link out to all my social media accounts and popular sites.  I also tweet out a message about it each day that submissions are accepted.
  • Ask other link managers to put your link party on their “where to party” lists.  Most have a page that advertises other parties.
  • List it on the Top 100 Link Party List.  Earlier this year I created the Top 100 Link Party list.  It’s a way to get your link party listed:  top100linkparty.gotop100.com

Reasons link parties will change your blogging life:

  • As soon as you start linking up regularly your traffic numbers will probably go up.
    • If you’re a link party manager, people have to come to your website to add their URLs as well as come back a few times to comment on other participant’s blog posts.
    • Some people may click to your page to see how big or small your party is or to see where their friends are listed.
  • Builds community
    • Personally I’ve gotten to know a lot more people through reading posts that I probably wouldn’t have come across on my own.  The fact that many people post from week to week also gives me a chance to really see who they are from their writing and from their comments on my posts.

I hope the information I’ve given you on link parties will help you change your blogging life.  There are benefits whether you take the plunge and start your own or whether you choose to participate. I think link parties are a great tool to add to your blogging life.

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  1. I try to always stop by your link party!! I developed a system for “popping” in to a link party with a browser-based RSS feed that sends me notifications once a party is up. (Sometimes I catch them “in time” and other times I do not.) I also really like to visit the smaller parties, as my link tends to get lost in the crowd — and honestly, I do not notice a traffic difference between large parties and small parties — in fact, I would say the better traffic comes from the smaller parties because they can see your link easier.
    June Rostad recently posted…Fabric Headband Refashion from a Thrifted T-ShirtMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for continuing to visit the link parties. I’m so glad that people really like it. If you’re worried about missing it I do put out an email every thursday night when the link party starts if you think that might help you not miss one. Just remember #fandayfriday link party runs from 10pm PST to Sunday 11:59pm PST.

      I worry about how small our party is. Some people get a lot of clicks and some only get a few. I had up there a way for everyone to get at least one, but I don’t think that people paid attention to that rule. Maybe starting at party 30 I’ll inforce the rules a little more so that everyone gets traffic.

      Thanks again for your participation in the link party. Tell your friends about it and if you ever want to co-host let me know and we can set it up!

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