Blog 100% Better Using These Strategies

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Blog 100% Better Using These Strategies

At the beginning of this year I promised myself I would treat my blog as more of a job than a hobby. This didn’t mean making it my business necessarily at first. I started with the make it a bigger priority on my list.  If I was going to write and spend time publishing I better not be wasting my time.

This #fridayfive list are some strategies I used to blog 100% better:

Create A Goal Sheet

To help yourself blog 100% better, create a goal sheet.  This can be as complicated or as simple as you want it.  Think of your goal sheet as the map to your blogging world.  By setting up a framework of things you want to achieve you’ll not only know what you’re working towards, but you’ll know where you are in the process at any given moment.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins -… Click To Tweet

blog 100% better - checklistBlog Goals

If you know what your goals are with your blog you’ll have a better chance at meeting and exceeding them.  As a beginner level blogger I knew that I wanted to blog 100% better than when I started.  I set out some goals for myself in terms of how often I wanted to blog at first because I knew without content my blog was just a skeleton of a site.  This was also a good test as to how consistent I could be with the work I was producing.

Once I got to be consistent I realized that I needed to write longer blog posts so now I have goals set to make each blog post a certain number of words long.

As soon as I started to make some money with my blog I turned towards making financial goals for my work.

Each step in my blogging career has lead me to new goals and so far I’ve done well setting them and meeting them.

Social Media Tracking

Part of blogging is to maintain good numbers on your social media accounts.  To blog 100% better definitely make a sheet to track your numbers.

Tracking your social media accounts helps tell a story about your blog.  It shows not only where your attention is going but also where it’s coming from.  These types of tracking sheets are simple to make.  By just filling in the numbers once a month I’ve already seen a big difference as to how I approach each account.  It also helps me set goals as to what numbers I want to reach in a given time.

Also as you get to be a bigger blogger and try to get paid for your craft businesses will want to know what your totals are.  If you can tell them I have X,XXX followers on Instagram and I got XXX in one day after a blog post of mine went viral it says more than if you just tell them a number.

Currently I’m realizing that I need a media kit to send out to people who inquire about my blog.  It’s something professional bloggers have and in the long run will help save time.  No more copy and pasting.  Just point interested people towards my blog’s media kit and I’m good to go.

Start an Editorial Calendar/Planning Spreadsheet

In my post Mommy Time Management Shouldn’t Be Complicated, I only briefly touched on the subject of using google calendar as an editorial calendar.  Time and time again people boast that they blog 100% better after realizing this was a missing piece to their writing process.

At this point, a year later, I don’t know what I’d do without mine.  I actually started working on my 2017 posts during the last two months of 2016 and I probably will continue that process for 2018.

Currently I use a dual system on WordPress and Google Calendar, but the concept is the same:  If I come up with an idea for a post either I can post it on an appropriate day of my calendar or I can morph it to fit a certain post series I have on my calendar already.  For instance, today I wrote about back to school things and scheduled it to publish in August because I have an editorial calendar helping me plot out everything I want to write about.

I suggest Google Calendar because:

  • The price is right: free.
  • It’s really easy to update it and manipulate the information without having to erase and rewrite things.
  • Every form of electronics seems to have access to this.

As far as planning things out, I talked about this before, but I use the following symbols to show me where in the editorial process a certain post is:

  • If a blog post is finished and is either scheduled or has already published: >>>
  • To indicate a blog post is almost finished or needs something added before the publish date: >>
  • If you type a place holder that is just an idea for further work to be done it has: >

By adding these to the appointment name I can quickly see if I have work to do on the post or not.

Batching Your Tasks

blog 100% better - batchingBlog Topics

Talking about how to blog 100% better and not talking about blog topics is silly.

The smartest thing I’ve ever done is to batch my blog topics.  Every friday I have my #fridayfive blog posts like the one you’re reading.  I have a place holder on my editorial calendar and every time I think of a new “five” list edit the place holder with the new idea.  Simple #fridayfive titles are replaced with ones like:

One great idea I had this year was to do a 17 things list series.  I used the number 17 to represent the year 2017 and away the idea went.  At first it was going to be a quarterly post series and as I worked on thinking up just 4 titles I ended up coming up with enough to do one a month although I probably won’t post them all.

By using series to organize the information I publish in an easy list format, I make basically a fool-proof structure to generate a lot of blog topics.  Yes they all have the number five attached to them, but they can range from recipes to wardrobe additions to this list of blogging strategies.


All of my blog posts have at least one image attached to them, usually in the form of a featured image.

Time and again everyone says that to blog 100% better, you must have great images on your site.  The difference between a site with a lot of traffic and a dead one usually is due to images.  It’s something that I need to work on myself, but I feel like I’m coming at this subject more organically than forced.

On a base level, in order to get this graphic design work done for each post in a timely manner, first I plot out about 5-10 blog post titles onto my editorial calendar.

After I have a few planned out, I open up Canva and start making graphics for each post.  Not only is this a good use of my time, because I’m not opening and closing the website, but the fact that I’m “in the groove” of making them gives each image a more polished look to it.


No man is an island.

To become popular and blog 100% better, you have to become a part of the blogging community.

Interacting with other bloggers is a big part of being a blogger.  Through facebook groups and link parties, each day I spend about 10-15 minutes simple commenting on other people’s work.  This constant interaction with the blogging community not only gives my blog exposure, but it also gives me an idea of what other people are writing about and helps with the direction of my own blog.


Recently I’ve started using a 5 paragraph essay format to build my blog posts.  I’m not 100% sure if this has an effect on how I blog 100% better or not, it definitely makes the writing process a lot easier organize.

5 Paragraph Essay

Introduction (3-5 Sentences)
Includes a list of the topics for Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2, Body Paragraph 3 and your thesis.

Body Paragraph 1
Intro sentence (1)
Supporting argument/explanation (3-5)
Concluding Sentence (1)

Body Paragraph 2
Intro sentence (1)
Supporting argument/explanation (3-5)
Concluding Sentence (1)

Body Paragraph 3
Intro sentence (1)
Supporting argument/explanation (3-5)
Concluding Sentence (1)

Conclusion (3-5 Sentences)
Restating your thesis. (3-5 Sentences)

I also found an SEO outline which I try to use in addition to my 5 paragraph essay format.  If I repeat part of the title of each post in each Body Paragraph, I can get a better seo score.

Connect to your other posts

blog 100% better - connections

One big key on how to blog 100% better, is to connect your old work to your current blog posts. Sometimes this is easier than others.  By using internal links you increase the time at which a person is reading your blog and that in turn works your SEO score higher.  In this blog post I’ve linked to a few previous blog posts already.

Do you use any of these ways to blog 100% better?  Have I left anything super important out?  Share in the comments and let me know what I’ve missed!

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