17 Ways to Spring Break Like A Pro + Free Printable

17 ways to spring break like a pro
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Last year I wrote a post on How To Absolutely Spring Break Like A Pro.  It was our family’s real-life take on what spring break is like when you have kids.  There was a plan and then there was reality.  This year I’m going to post a to do list to help inspire your week off from school or work with of course a family focus to it.  Look at the bottom for a link to a printable checklist to help you tick some of these things off during your vacation!


  1. Take a train ride to another city and have lunch. I’ve forever coveted train rides.  My brother got to go on a train trip with my grandparents when we were little and I had to go with my parents.  It’s something that I definitely want to make up for in the future for my kids.
  2. Go to an amusement park. Spring time is when some of the amusement parks open up again after winter.  From what I’ve seen you can get some great deals on ticket prices and if it’s not too cold where you are this would be a great way to spend the day!
  3. Take the family on a fishing trip.  Is there ever a bad time to take your kids fishing?  According to my brother and my husband there is always time for fishing!
  4. Fly a kite.  There is nothing better than harnessing the wind of a nice spring day then by flying a kite.  Just watch out for the kite eating tress!
  5. Visit your local library’s story time hour.  When the kids were little this was their first chance to sit and listen to the teacher.  There were other kids to socialize with but the main point was to see how they behaved when asked to sit still.  With a roomfull of other kids it’s also a great place to test this idea out so that you aren’t bothering anyone else in your area if your kids happen to NOT listen that day.
  6. Build a lego creation with your kids. Boogie is in love with Legos and I’m sure that at least sometime over spring break we are going to have a build-a-thon.
  7. Pack a lunch and spend the whole day at the park. If the weather is nice enough for it, this is a great way to get the kids out of the house and running around.  Call some friends and make a thing of it!
  8. Go on a bike ride outside your neighborhood. Our kids ride in our neighborhood all the time but taking them out of our area for a ride sounds like a great adventure.  You could even pair it with number #7 on this list if the park isn’t too far away!
  9. Spend the day at the beach. We are lucky enough to have relatives who live about 100 yards from the ocean, but even if you don’t, going to the beach for the day is just like spending a day at the park.  Great exercise and fresh air is nothing to pass up!
  10. Take the kids bowling.  I know that bowling isn’t the most popular sport, but it’s pretty cheap to play and after about three games my kids are tired enough to take a nap.
  11. Plan a day trip to visit a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a while.  This is always a fun thing to do.  Some of our friends are on a different school and activity schedule than we are, but we are lucky enough to have some of the same vacation days.  Getting together at this time of year, when daddy’s are working and mommies are needing some adult conversation is a great excuse to get together.
  12. Redecorate your kids’ rooms with their help.  Even just moving their furniture will give them a “new room” to hang out in. This one I actually saw on Pinterest.  Maybe this isn’t something that you’d want to take on during vacation, but with a week time limit it definitely would get your motivated to finish on time.
  13. Go to the movies.  If you’re looking for a great reason to go see a movie, take a break from your other activities and see a movie.  Popcorn is never something my kids want to pass up.
  14. Plan a spring break Bingo Game or Scavenger Hunt that the kids can play all week.  Whether you’re just going around town and finding things to check off your game board or if you’re headed out of town on a trip these types of games are great quite things to play.
  15. Roller skate or ice skate at your local rink. Bootsie had such a great time at Christmas ice skating I forget that there is a rink a few towns over that I should really take my kids to.  The only hard part of this is either finding a rink near you or finding an open skate time.  The price to rent skates and maybe a lunch away from home isn’t that big of a pull on your budget.
  16. Plant a small garden with your kids.  Even a planter box garden is great for kids to be involved with.   Spring usually is the time when kids are learning this stuff in school anyway and it’d be great to see what they’ve learned.  Even working on a The Enchanted Fairy Garden, which I did a product review on would be a great afternoon activity.
  17. Find a place to volunteer. I know a lot of high school kids do their volunteer hours during spring break.  School is usually on the second half of the year, so they are trying to get in their hours before graduation.  It’d be a great time to introduce your little ones to volunteering.  I’m sure there are a lot of clean up projects going on this time of year.

How are you spending your Spring Break?

Love the ideas in my list? I’ve created a printable list from this post so you can spring break like a pro.  Click below to get a pdf copy to print at home.

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  1. What an awesome post, unfortunately us brits don’t really have spring break it’s just Easter holidays and only if your lucky enough like me to work in education and have time off. Spring break sounds so much nicer and more fun though!

    • Spring break here is really a school holiday. Many schools try to coordinate with Easter, but some have their’s way before depending on what type of school schedule they are on. Just like a friend of mine’s child has a fall break two weeks before when normally a school would be taking a thanksgiving break. The mental picture most people have in their heads of Spring Break comes from college movies or high school movies where kids are running off to mexico or on cruises. While this really is the big time of life to celebrate it, most people only get Good Friday off to celebrate Easter, but some businesses don’t even let their employees off that day either. With kids in elementary school, Spring Break is the last big event before Summer Break. It’s funny. We have spring break then about a month later we are out for summer! I’m amazed sometimes at how many half days and short days and days off of school we have. Our kids are in school for 180 days a year. How many days are you all in school?

    • It’s definitely on my bucket list. I hope this year I can take a quick trip with the kids. There is a great scenic ride from Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara that I’ve heard is really pretty. We’ll see!

      Thanks for the comment! Happy Friday!

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