Guaranteed Laundry Time Savers

guaranteed laundry time savers
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Every mom can use a few hacks to save them time when doing household chores.  As you’ve read before in The real reason dishes aren’t done (today), housework isn’t my favorite thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.  I’m always on the look out for ways to make these types of things easier on me and my family.

Laundry seems to be one thing that no mom every can fully get a handle on.  Even if you’re losing the battle there are ways to improve the way you work with your dirty and clean clothes.  Here is a #fridayfive list of guaranteed laundry time savers for us mommies.

guaranteed laundry time savers

Laundry basket near your “hot spot”.

Having an extra laundry basket far away from the bedrooms and laundry room may seem like a strange idea, but I don’t know how many times my kids pull their shoes and socks off and leave them on the living room floor or in the car!  Days when we go boating or swimming, extra towels always end up on the stairs (aka our “hot spot”) with the intention of carrying them to the laundry room but somehow never quite make it.

Having a strategically placed laundry basket that I can empty daily into the larger baskets in the bedrooms is definitely a laundry time savers.

Sort your colors.

In our master bathroom I have two laundry baskets like the Rubbermaid Laundry Hamper in the bathroom where we get undressed to take showers.  One for lights and one for dark.  You can’t imagine how not having to sort the colors when it’s time to start a load saves me time.  Really the less I have to touch dirty laundry, especially Hubby’s mechanic clothes, the better.

This system works great for Hubby and myself, but the kids however don’t have this luxury. They do however each have their own baskets.  At this time being 5 and 3, their clothes don’t take up as much room as ours do and are 90% multicolored so it works out better to sort their smaller loads.  Usually I add their loads together to make a big load or I add their things to a load of towels so that I don’t have to do an extra round of laundry if I don’t have to.

As they grow though, I’m planning to add another basket or a sorting system like the Amazon Basics 3-Bag Laundry Sorter to their rooms.  Use “technology” when you can to help you with your laundry time savers.

Do a load a day. Wash and Dry.

Seems simple, but doing a load a day, start to finish saves you time later.  An average wash load is about 45 minutes and a dry is about the same.  I tend to start one load right when Hubby gets home from work and the dryer is finishing just after dinner. Sometimes I don’t quite get all the clothes put away, but at least they are dry and ready in the morning so that if Hubby needs something to wear he knows his go to place is the dryer.

I’ve been sick lately with a cold and haven’t kept up.  Five loads in a row while resting and napping sounds like a good idea, but really all of that in one day was too much to handle.  The thing about laundry time savers is to do them often!  I did my five loads, but I’m glad to be going back to a smaller section of daily laundry soon!

Keep little socks in one place.

I don’t remember where I heard this laundry time savers, but I have a bin on top of the dryer where all my children’s socks go.  This might not be the perfect place to have them in your house, but our laundry is between their two rooms so it works out well.

How does it save time?  Think about it…when I’m looking to get socks in the morning I only have to look in one place!

*I’ve also heard that you should get rid of all your kids socks and just buy one style of socks for your girls and one style of socks for your boys, that way all their socks match no matter what you find in the bin.

Use Capsule Wardrobes

By using a minimalist system for buying and keeping your clothes, your laundry time will be smaller as well.  I know that this works well with moms that work outside the home. I’m doing my best to explore as a stay at home mom.  It Did What? 5 Secrets About Capsule Wardrobes will start you on a journey to a smaller but more useful wardrobe.   The reason these types of wardrobes are great is that you can stop washing 10,000 t-shirts a week!  Really you only need about 10-15 pieces of clothing in your wardrobe per season.  If you’re washing fewer items, you’re already ahead of the game!

I hope that these have helped you get some great ideas about your laundry system!  Have a time saver for your laundry?  Comment and let me know!

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