How To Have A Mom Life Of Your Own The Right Way

How To Have A Mom Life Of Your Own
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How To Have A Mom Life Of Your Own

According to the article I read, you’re not really doing it wrong.  You, like other moms, are merely taking a break from life.  I, as a mom get that and clearly the author of this piece feels your pain!  While my husband might argue differently, I agree 100% with the reasoning in the article:  The Real Reason Moms Can’t Put Down Their Phones – Kids Activities Blog.  I actually want to go as far as to reach through the internet and hug the person who wrote this!

Your phone mom may be her…

When you see a mom on the phone at the park “ignoring” her kids, don’t judge.  I don’t think most people’s knew what motherhood was really like until this viral video hit Youtube!  Even as a mom I was shocked.  I can’t imagine having little ones that age and multiples!  If I saw her on the phone I’d ask her if she had enough battery to last through the afternoon at the park instead of mentioning that her attention was misplaced.

While I may not have it THAT extreme, I do not have an alone moment even when I’m alone these days.

I’m not crazy, but I wish I had a commute.

My husband sometimes doesn’t realize just how much “alone time” he gets in a day.  It’s crazy, but I told him once I wished I had a commute so I could be in the car for 3 hours a day alone.  My commute is now my phone time.

Motherhood is all-consuming, completely wonderful, the best thing ever, and utterly exhausting. It’s not easy being hyper-vigilant with little ones all day long. Sometimes you just want to take a minute, stop feeling the Intensity, and get a bit of escape.

For  some their choice is to binge watch something on Netflix the way our moms used to never miss an episode of their soap operas.

For other’s it’s Candy Crush.

For me that comes in the form of writing my blog both on my phone and computer.  For instance, right now I’m outside on wi-fi writing this post while my son rides bikes with our neighbor.  Yes my focus is on the screen before me, but I still can hear my son’s tick tick tick from his bike wheels and their voices as they decide where to ride.  Am I zoning out?  Yes, to an extent, but I still have that fight or flight reflex when I hear a car come into the neighborhood or hear a child’s loud voice.

Phone mommies unite!

While I would hope that you didn’t have to defend your phone time, do remember your priorities when it comes to being online.  As with anything, moderation and balance are the keys to success with your kids.  Being present for your kids is something you never can rewind or redo, but that doesn’t mean you have to not have a mom life of your own.

I know that some of my online time is spent:

  • working on PTO events that enhance my children’s schooling experience
  • trying to manage my blog which I hope one day will be a second source of income for my family
  • listening to personal development podcasts so that I can improve myself and be a better mom
  • binge watching Netflix so I have something other than kid stories to talk about with my mom friends and hubby.

Are you obsessive about your phone?  Don’t feel guilty. Other moms are just like you!

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