What the World Would Be Like If The Last Day of School Didn’t Exist

What the World Would Be Like If The Last Day of School Didn't Exist
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What the World Would Be Like If The Last Day of School Didn't ExistLet’s take a little pause for a moment and celebrate the fact that it’s the last day of school!  Sorry for all of you year-rounders or late-starters, but our school district runs from August to May with June and July off!

Summer Vacation Anthem:  School’s Out for Summer by Alice Cooper

I’m not the biggest Alice Cooper fan, but this song comes to mind every last day of the school year.  Boogie finished up his second year of preschool like a champ and we survived the first year of Bootsie being in all-day school!  As much as I’m glad that I’ll have eight weeks to schedule our events without anyone telling me what to do, I wonder what it’d be like if there was no last day of school!

Did you know?

The article from PBS called Agrarian roots? Think again. Debunking the myth of summer vacation’s origins tried to explain summer break.  Most people think that farming is the reason why we have summer vacations.  It sounds logical, but really, summer is the slow part of the farming cycle so many kids weren’t needed in the summer!

Kids in rural, agricultural areas were most needed in the spring, when most crops had to be planted, and in the fall, when crops were harvested and sold. Historically, many attended school in the summer when there was comparatively less need for them on the farm.

The modern day schedule actually has to do more with the number of days a year children are required to be in school than anything else.

Urban schools had a very different school schedule, but also included summer. School was essentially open year round, but was not mandatory, and children came when they could. In 1842, New York City schools were open 248 days a year, dramatically more than the 180 or so that they are open today.

So what would happen if we didn’t have that last day of school and went year round?

Kids would be exhausted.

I know that there is a big argument as far as learning loss goes, but I think that kids need a break in the summer to be kids.  In no other time of life are we learning more new information as when we are in the lower school grades.  Every study guide I’ve ever read says that you have to take breaks to let you learn more.  Yes, some kids do slip backwards from where they ended one school year, but if parents work on how to Slow Learning Loss in the summer, that can be overcome.

Moms would lose their minds.

As much as I love being away from the kids during the school year, the daily grind of both the academic and after school activities schedule require the kind of organizational skills that leave me feeling frazzled even on the calmest days of the school year.

Teachers would run out of paper and pencils.

It’s a sad state of affairs, espeicially in California, but schools are always in need of funding.  That’s partly why I joined the PTO.  This year in the kindergarten class I volunteered in we were running out of supplies by November!  Ok, well maybe it was only the green paint that was low.  November is only the half way point of school!

On a side note, I’m planning some more great PTO posts later this summer to help everyone get involved with their own school’s parent teacher organization.  For now be sure to check out:

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Pizza companies would run out of pizza.

It’s clear that the only meal that Bootsie eats at school is pizza.  I’m sure there are other favorite meals at your child’s school.  I remember burritos as a favorite in middle school.  I think though that our town would run out of pizza if we didn’t have that last day of school!

Party supply places would go broke!

It’s true that not every year calls for a graduation party.   In some towns people go big for middle school graduation.  Eighth graders in some cities party like it’s 1999.

More commonly though, twelfth graders here in the United States go all out to celebrate the end of high school.  These parties do double duty to celebrate becoming an adult as well since 18 is considered adult here.

Graduations aren’t as big as weddings, but they can be pretty big for some families.  A lot of party supply stores, bakeries, and catering companies get amazing business from graduation parties.

What would you miss about the last day of school?  Do you have any traditions that you’d miss out on if there wasn’t the last day of school?

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