50 Easy-Does-It Gifts For Dad

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It’s that time of year again.  When wives go on a shopping spree for their hubbies and write their kids names on the presents.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  We are on our 6th father’s day and I’m finding that sadly I’m running out of ideas.  In my defense, Hubby’s birthday is in May so it’s a lot of pressure to get two great gifts in a row.

This Father’s Day post may be a little last minute, I apologize.  If you’re still looking for a father’s day gift, take into consideration what type of dad you might have in your life when you’re shopping. It’ll help you when trying to find easy does it gifts for dad.  Usually Friday’s are my #fridayfive lists, but today I’m throwing in a bonus spot since there are more than 5 types of dads out there.

What type of father is your dad?

There a few stereotypical types of dads.  It’s not a bad thing and around Father’s Day it’s actually a good thing!

Mr. Fix It

Hubby is a mechanic by trade so saying that he’s a Mr. Fix It isn’t necessary.  While he has pretty much every tool under the sun, there are certain items that he’d love to have but wouldn’t buy on his own.

Best Coach Ever

Some dads excel at coaching.  It’s in their nature to pass on their athletic skills and love of the game to their kids.  I can think of a half dozen kids’ dads that would love to get sports equipment or sports tickets as a father’s day gift.

Chef Dad

Hubby may be a Mr. Fix It, but he also is one to jump at the chance to cook.  He says it’s because I don’t cook, but really he’s just so in love with cooking he pushes me out of the kitchen to make things.  I have to give it up to him. He’s pretty good in the kitchen or on the BBQ or meat smoker!

Big Thinker

I’ve always thought of my dad as a big thinker.  He told me when he was little that he used to read the encyclopedia.  For those who don’t remember what those are, think Wikipedia in book form.  Sad that I have to even explain that, but it’s the sign of the times to digitize things.  Most books that you find on Amazon can be found in paper or digital form so no matter what type of dad you have they’ll have access to some great books!

Practical Pop

I know for my father’s generation sometimes you have to purchase practical gifts.  Ties and shirts might be corny gifts, but for a dad to have a tie that his kids picked out is a nice little gift to take along with them to work.  Other practical gifts are coffee mugs or even computer backpacks.  If you think about it for a little while you can find the perfect thing for someone who doesn’t really need anything.

Tech Dad

My brother in law is a real Tech Dad.  Every time we go to his house he’s got the latest gadget.  Last time we visited he’d installed a camera security system that he could watch on his phone and on his TV in his house.  His other tech things include sound canceling headphones and computer gadgets that make life easier on him and his family.

Shop Now!

Click the image below to get to a great Father’s Day Gift shopping list.  Keep checking back because as I find new items I’ll update this list!

What type of dad is the man in your life?

Let me know in the comments what type of dad you have in your life and what types of great gift ideas you’ve seen!  I’d love to add them to my list!

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