Drink Up! It’s National Hydration Day!

Drink Up! It's National Hydration Day!
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Happy National Hydration Day!

If you’re as busy as I am, I’m sure you can agree that you can’t ever seem to remember to drink enough water.  This week was Bootsie’s birthday and we are headed towards the halfway mark of the summer as well as starting a stink at the Fireworks booth in town to raise money for the elementary school PTO for next year.

This #FridayFive list are great suggestions on how to celebrate National Hydration Day and hopefully increase your chances of drinking a healthy amount of water each day.

Drink Up! It's National Hydration Day!

Flavor It Up

I’m not sure why but I can consume 100 oz of soda without blinking an eye.  If I try to drink 10 oz of water I feel like I’m going to explode.  If anyone can explain it, I’d love to hear the reasoning on it.  In the meantime until I figure out the way, here are some great recipes to try!

If you have one you’d like to add, please email me and let me know!

Get A Good Cup

It seems like a trivial thing, but a good cup can encourage you to drink more water.

When I think about high school, I definitely had a big bladder thanks to the Big Gulp from 7-11.  Not even sure how many ounces I used to drink, but it was a cup I’d carry with me all day if my teachers would let me.  Now, when the wallet permits and my schedule is clear I hit Sonic for a Route 44 (44 oz) of drink.  Usually this is not a healthy option, but it does get a lot of liquid into me in a short amount of time.


Lately though I’ve attached myself to something like a RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler.  While this style of cup doesn’t come with a straw (which I hear is a good way to increase your ounces), it does hold both hot and cold drinks and keeps them warm or cold as needed.

Both hubby and I start off my day with some coffee in it then I switch to iced tea.

Put It In Your Planner

For those who love their planners, keeping track of water intake in written form is the way to do it for you.  Bullet Journal keepers are famous for their artsy ways of doing this, but even a simple check mark on a page will do.

Make A Date

Getting together over a cup of tea or flavored water can be a great social activity. Consider bringing back the old school tea time an occasion.  I find that lately a quick little visit with my friends turns into a two hour chat session without realizing it.  If you all bring a drink that’s two hours to sit and drink water together!

Get An App

A few weeks ago, while sitting at karate another mother showed me an app that will remind you and reward you for drinking water.  Plant Nanny is listed as:

** BEST APP OF 2013 in App Store **
*** Downloaded over 1,000,000 times! ***

Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly.  The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone.  In order to keep it alive and help it grow, you must give it water at certain periods of time.  Let’s grow your health and plants together!

After the original publication of this post I was contacted by another app and was asked to feature them on this post as well.  Normally I wouldn’t go back and fix something like this, but the app seemed perfect for someone (forgetful) like me!

The Pee & See App does have a funny little name, but the concept of it really hit home with me:

Description (From iTunes):

Finally, an easy way to remember to drink more water!

Pee & See is a simple water reminder app. It doesn’t need to know when you drink water or how much you drink.

Instead, just tap one button every time you go to the bathroom!

When you haven’t peed for 3 hours you’ll get a reminder to drink water (except at night).

“It’s the number 1 number 1 app!”

There are many ways to easily log pees with Pee & See:
• Open the app and tap the big “Log Pee” button
• Log a pee from the Widget, without opening the app
• Tap one of the actions on a notification
• Log from the app icon on devices that support 3D Touch
• Install the Apple Watch app and Complication so you’re always just two taps away from logging a pee

Adjust the Quiet Hours setting in the app to avoid notifications while you’re asleep. Manually add pees that you forgot to log in the past when they happened, like when you were sleeping.

See where you stack up against other urinators on the Leaderboard. Don’t break that streak!

You can also use it as a simple pee tracker, and export your data as a CSV.

Pee & See does not provide medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. It’s just a fun way to remember to drink more water!

Hot Weather & Sunshine Essentials

Lastly here is a bonus set of five ways to beat the heat on National Hydration Day.  Click on the image to get to a great Amazon shopping list that includes all the items shown and mentioned.

Hot Weather & Sunshine Essentials
Click image to shop for these items on Amazon!

I hope these hydration tips help you make the most of National Hydration day and that the Hot Weather & Sunshine Essentials help you keep cool the rest of the summer!

How are you staying cool this summer?

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