When I started my "mommy blog" in March 2016 I didn't really know what I was doing, but as the months progressed I found a great rhythm and focused on a few smaller topics so that I could put out the most informative and helpful information possible.

Even when my kids were still in my tummy I was already researching how I was going to go about educating the littles. It’s my hope to be a support system to other moms so that my successes and failures will guide the next mom in line the way my relatives helped me as I navigated the education options around us all.

Bottom line, mom’s get lost in the day to day needs of the people around them. To me, living an enriched momlife, means to have those special moments of the day where you do something more than change a diaper, do a load of laundry or make another meal.

Many mom conversations revolve around the products we use in our home, with our kids and even things that are working well for the adults in the family. By sharing product reviews I hope to pass along great advice to moms out there who are looking for items that they’ve heard of but might not be able to invest in without a good review from a trusted source.


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